D&D: New Enchantments

Strengthen Bow (500gp)

Composite bow

The next day the ranger returned, and saw his old bow waiting for him. For a moment it looked like he wanted to say something, but instead he picked it up and pulled it - failing to do so completely. His face expresionless, he changed his stance, made sure he could exert his full power and tried again, this time getting a full pull. He grinned, nodded at the bowyer and left.

This enchanment, which can be stacked, allows the bow to do one extra strength damage. It is fully equivalent to a nonmagical strength bow, but can be added later.

Bladed-staff (5000gp)


The monk stood there as the necromancer ordered his zombies to attack. He knew the bludgeon weapon would not destroy his minions fast enough to allow the monk to reach him. Then his smirk turned in misbelieve and chagrin as he saw the staff change into a naginata.

Allows limited morphing between a quarterstaff and one specific polearm. The enchanment allows a limited amount of specialization, so the staff end and the blade end can have a minor (+1) different enchantment: for example the staff might be impact, while the blade might be keen.

If the polearm is a double weapon, then both sides need the Bladed-staff enchantment and both morph at the same time. Any special qualities of the polearm is lost while in staff-shape. Changing the weapon is a move action.

Mage's dagger (+1)

Light melee weapon.

The elf stood there, longsword and dagger in hand, holding the door opening against the orcs. Seeing both hands occupied the orcs bunched together for a charge. The fireball came as quite a surprise...

Allows the user to make the proper somatic components for spells, while wielding this weapon as if she has the 'Somatic Weaponry' feat (CM)