D&D: New Spells

Spells to be developed

Reed's Inverse Aura

Level:         Mage/Sorcerer 3
School:        Transmutation
Components:    VSF
Casting time:  Standard Action
Range:         Touch
Target:        One living, corporal, creature
Duration:      1 hour per level
Effect:        Supresses magic aura of a body.
Save:          Will negates (harmless)
Spell resist:  Yes (harmless)

For a moment your hand feels as if it is inverted, warped beyond your understanding. Then you touch the recipient and everything looks as it should be.

You exchange the inner and outer body's aura. This gives a CL penalty to anybody trying detect spells present on the body when this spell was cast and fully protects you from the effects of any magical short circuit of these spells (and itself). It offers no protection against dispelling.

If the creature bearing Reed's Inverse Aura has identify cast on it or is similarly examined, the examiner recognizes that the aura is false and detects the body's actual qualities if he succeeds on a Will save. Otherwise, he believes the aura and no amount of testing reveals what the true magic is.

If the body receives a new/different enchantment that enchantment is not covered by the Aura.

Focus: a mobius loop present on the receiver of the spell, the spell is supressed when the focus is removed.

Force Natural Health

Level:         Mage/Sorcerer 4
School:        Abjuration
Components:    VSM
Casting time:  Standard Action
Range:         Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Target:        One creature
Duration:      1 minute per level
Effect:        Supresses temporary hitpoints
Save:          None
Spell resist:  No

As you crush the leave the creature is enveloped by a pale glow, which dissipates in a second.

The targetted creature cannot use temporary hitpoints. It may have or receive them, but they're effectively supressed. Time spent supressed counts normally against the duration of these temporary hitpoints.
Arcane material component: a dried willow leaf.

Force Enhancement

Level:         Mage/Sorcerer 7
School:        Transmutation (Force)
Components:    VSM
Casting time:  1 minute
Range:         touch
Duration:      1 hour per level
Effect:        +1 force enhancement per 4 levels
Save:          Will negates (harmless, object)
Spell resist:  Yes (harmless, object)

Slowly your hands move over the crystal armor and you see a bluish glow entering it. You know that even ghostly hands cannot touch you now.

This spell can only be used on crystal armors and cannot be used on armor with a normal enhancement bonus, nor on armor with the 'Ghost Touch' effect, as this magic is kind of the reversed of these.

Instead of 'normal' magic, this spell uses 'force', thus allowing the full armor and enhancement bonus to be used against incorporal attacks.

It infuses the parts of the armor with animated Force which reacts to the wearers movement decreasing the armors penalty.

Arcane material component: a pinch of diamond dust (10gp).

If used to create a magic armour, it has the same cost as the normal enhancement bonusses, but for the fact it will only work on crystal armor and the 100x material component cost (1000gp)

Researched Spells

Wheel of Fire

Level:         Mage/Sorcerer 3
School:        Evocation (Fire)
Components:    VSM-
Casting time:  1 standard action
Range:         0
Duration:      instantanious
Effect:        a 60' radius plane with a 5' diameter hole
Save:          Reflex for no damage
Spell resist:  Yes

You speak the words as you thwirl a small wooden wheel around a finger. A circle of flame appears around you and suddenly expands outwards. Those who do not duck beneath it or jump up are hit by the flames.

The wheel does level d4 fire damage (max 10d4), you can tilt the plane for slopes or to hit flying creatures.

Force Bolt

Level:         Mage/Sorcerer 5
School:        Conjuration (Force)
Components:    VSM-
Casting time:  1 standard action
Range:         Close (25'+5'/2 level)
Duration:      instantanious
Effect:        a ray exploding in a 10' radius
Save:          None or Reflex for half
Spell resist:  Yes

You throw the bead towards your main enemy. It becomes a glowing white bolt that blasts her and explodes to damage her guards.

A ranged touch attack which does 1d4 of force damage per level (max 15d4). If you hit the subject gets no save, otherwise it gets a save for half like all others in the area of effect. If the primary target makes his spell resistance, the bolt will not explode.
Arcane magical component: a clear glass bead

Nails of Sharpness

Level:         Mage/Sorcerer 4
School:        Transmutation
Components:    VS-F
Casting time:  1 standard action
Range:         Personal
Target:        You
Duration:      maximum 1 round per level within 1 hour per level
Effect:        Nails of one hand become sharp and can grow instantly

You swipe near you're enemy, your hand extended. At the last moment your nails grow to slash him cutting deeply.

Your hand become 'Wounding' if they hit +4 more than needed, and do the same damage as a monk of half your caster level. This is slashing/piercing damage depending on the attack.
Arcane magical focus: a 100gp nail shaped stone - note that the nails copy the color of this stone.