BattleTech: Open Technical Readout status

'Open TRO' is a program to design battle tech units on non-Windows systems. Target platforms at this time are *nix and Mac-OS*. Windows is a bit of a problem: it should work, but I do not want to attack HM. In principle I would like this program to be free or at a very modest fee, but at this time I'm not sure about the legal stuff. I'm writing this for my own pleasure, to learn wxWidgets, and to be able to design BT stuff on Linux.

First target it a Linux vehicle and mech designer. It should also be able to read HM* files and TDB files (the first I know I can parse, I assume the second isn't much harder.). It should contain all level 1 - 3 tech. Target date for the first alpha is jun 2006, but it won't be stable by then.

11 nov 2005
Redesigning dropdown boxes (wxChoice) using reflection. Tricky question: is an XL the same equipment as a Light engine, or is it different, but should a unit have 1 of the 'group'. I need to think this out for those people who will try to create a large (compact) engine with torso mounted cockpit and xl gyro: you can't because you're 1 CT crit short...
The other problem I just posted on the CBT forum: can you put equipment in split criticals (small head).
7 nov 2005
Mech setup formatting more or less final.
Split to several source files, more Makefile magic.
4 nov 2005
Some formatting improvement.
Mech widgets grouping are now close to final.
Still thinking about equipment, but getting grips on the problem. I could just code it out, but let's see if there is a really elegant solution - which would also make it a lot more maintainable.
31 oct 2005
Started on mech builder, designed (starleague) icon.
Much thinking about how to handle equipment.
27 oct 2005
1st status field is now safe from menu.
Markup now in <label> <value> <type> style.
Select boxes depend on technology (okay so vehicles still can have compact engines in level-3 :-()
Better self awareness, and added engine and mech IS tables.
26 oct 2005
Understands the correct weight/speed limitations.
Correctly nags when trowing away an altered design.
Need to figure out how I can stop the menu overwriting the 1st status field.