SLA: D'rg'kn (Dragon) - a Shaktar Scout

D'rg'kn never intended to become an operative. He wanted to become a crew member on a Shaktar Ion ship, just like his father (and his grand father). Even as a youth he studied hard to understand the working of spaceships and space itself. Then disaster struck. His father ships was destroyed by a DN hijacked shuttle - which also carried his mother and his older brother.

Now being the head of the household, he became both responsible for his kid sister as well as the neccessity to take revenge on Dark Night. With support of the Shaktar community he enrolled in Meny, where he was selected for scout. As he wanted to make sure that he would finish his promise, he took courses to get information from both the living as well as the dead.

On Meny he quickly got the name of 'Dragon' as he remembered a childs story were the Dragon was the main opponent for any Knight. Fiercely named, but Dragon is a fairly shy individual, afraid to put himself forward and fail: he is no leader and prefers others to take the spot light.

To his frustration the BPNs till now hardly involved Dark Night and the one DN person he was able to kill turned out the be a lieutenant of Krosstown.

In his squad he's the scout and marksman. Till now the fact that he wears such light armor did not negatively influence his performance. OOC: in our game you get sneak penalties if you wear (heavy) armor. This is also the reason he uses a MAC knife as most other melee weapons make a whining noise.

Dragon smokes almost al the time. If he is sneaking he even manages to smoke, hiding the telltale glow in his huge paw. He even shoots with a half smoked cigarette cupped in his left hand - without it breaking his aim.

    9 STRENGTH                  7 DIAGNOSIS
    2 Unarmed Combat            6 Tracking 
    3 Blade (1h)                5 Forensics   
				3 Pathology
                                3 Mechanics Industrial
   13 DEXTERITY                 1 Electronics Industrial
    7 Rifle                     1 Computer use
    6 Sneak                     1 Demolition
    3 Hide                      1 Locks, mechanical
    1 Pistol                    1 Locks, electronic

   11 PHYSICAL                  7 CONCENTRATION
    6 Running (6.8m/r)          6 Detect (Hear+3,see+2)
    3 Throw                     3 Weapon Maintenance
    3 Climbing                  5 Marksman
    3 Swimming                  1 Drive, Military

    5 CHARISMA                  7 KNOWLEDGE
    3 Communique                6 Streetwise 
    3 Diplomacy                 3 Rival Company (esp DN)
    3 Persuation                3 SLA info
    1 Interview                 3 Navigation
    1 Haggle                    3 Evaluate Opponent
                                3 Survival
    - LANGUAGES                 3 Mechanics Repair
   10 Shaktar (free)            3 Demolition Disposal
    2 Kilian                    1 Electronics repair
                                1 Literacy
                                1 Astronomy
                                1 Pilot Military
   10 COOL                      1 Space Navigation

   Advantages:                 Disadvantages
   - Vision(3)                 - Housing(4): upper downtown house
   - Hearing(5)                - Major-Enemy(4): Krosstown
   - Financial(3) (+300c)      - Drug-Addiction(2): cigarettes
   - Luck(4)                   - Dependent(3): little sister

   - Gak-19 + sight(ir)3000, 15x std ammo, 5x HEAP
   - FEN 603, 20x std ammo
   - Mac Knife
   - CAF Padquil Flak vest (PV 3 on torso)
   - 4x Kickstart, 1x Blaze UV, 200x Feelgood cigarette
   - range finder, motion scanner, enviro scanner
   - ECM suit
   - weapon maintenance kit (home)
   - climbing gear with grapple
   - maghold (large) on back
   - maghold (small) x2 on hips
   - torch with flick over red & green (combined dark gray) filters.
   - Oyster and small (simple) toolset (elec/mecha)

  Note: character is chipped, but uses funds to support kid sister.