SLA: Felix Pelling - a Human Business

Felix is a handsome and open faced young man. Although clothed in his 'fresh out of Meny' clothing, he still acts like he's at home in both expensive New Parisian restaurants as well as downtown pubs, and, oddly enough, most people seem to accept his presence. He does not wear any armor, but his standard raincoat has been remade to allow the bulk of an SP Vibro with a Jolt glove on his left arm, while his right sports a Gashfist. He's also one of those frustrating people who never have to wait for a cab, always pick the right queue, and drives kick murders crazy by telling them he could hear them sneaking up on him. There is this nasty rumour, however, that he passed Meny because of his family, not his skills, and that he's a danger to any squad.

Felix Pelling is the son of August Pelling - the younger brother of Scott Pelling. Scott Pelling himself has no children but is married to Amanda Pyron - niece of Agmat Pyron (head of the Department of Firearms Regulation Service). This, in itself, was nothing special: many marriages between high placed families happened, but when the SP Group declined to share their state-of-the-art Gauss technique with FEN and the SP Vibro sales started cutting into BLA's profits (Scout and Kick Murder operative often prefered it to the Blitzer), these brands started looking for some leverage.

Felix had been the favorite of his aunt Amanda from when he turned 15. Perhaps a bit to much a favorite, but nothing untowards had happened (as far as could be proven). August Pelling never had a great deal of money, but Amanda took young Felix almost everywhere, and Felix sat behind controls of almost any vehicle known, ate at New Parisian restaurants, went to the theater, and was enrolled in Meny by Scott as he wanted to see his wife again.

Always a likable youth, Felix enrolled in business, but also took some combat classes and spent much time in the gym - he had learned that stamina and dexterity were important for a man. His tendency to be slightly late was often overlooked, and he finished Meny with good, though not exceptional, grades.

BLA and FEN, in the mean time, had found each other in their mutual dislike for the SP Group and had decided to force Agmat Pyron to restrict the sales of SP by making Amanda doing something technicaly illegal - like giving her nephew money without a BPN: 'bribery'. Although things like that happened often, according to the rules it was forbidden. Just the thing they were looking for.

Till now they managed to 'loose' his new PP664 armor, urged a fellow student (Vera Perdon) to get pregnant so Felix was forced to pay 40c a month for the upkeep of the baby, and convinced many other students to believe he passed because of his family connections, not his skills.

 6 Strength         10 Dexterity          7 Charisma
 1 Unarmed           1 Co-ordination      6 Communique
                     1 Forgery            6 Diplomacy
                     1 Gymnastics         1 Haggle
 8 Physique          1 Hide               3 Interview
 1 Acrobatics        3 Martial arts       1 Leadership
 1 Climbing          5 Pistol             3 Persuasion
 1 Dance             1 Sneaking           3 Seduction
 1 Running           1 Trick Shot         3 Telegenics
 1 Swim              1 Zero-G Maneuvers

 6 Diagnose          6 Knowledge            Advantages
 1 Bribery           1 Architecture       6 Looks
 6 Business Admin    1 Astronomy          6 Figure
 6 Computer use      1 Computer Hacking  10 Hearing
 1 Forgery, Elec     1 Cooking           10 Luck
 1 Intimidation      1 Cult Info          5 General-Social: Likable
                     1 Eval Opponent      4 Major Friend: Amanda Pelling-Pyron
 6 Concentration     1 High Fashion       - Speech
 6 Business Finance  1 Literacy           - Ambidexterous
 5 Detect            1 Music
 1 Drive Civilian    1 Navigation           Disadvantages
 1 Drive Military    1 Pilot Military     3 Timekeeper
 1 Gambling          1 Rival Company      4 Income (Baby)
 1 Marksman          6 SLA Information    4 Financial (Lost PP664)
 1 Weapon Maint.     1 Space Navigation   4 Bad Reputation (operatives)
                     2 Streetwise         3 Major enemy: BLA
10 Cool              1 Theatre            3 Major enemy: FEN
                     1 Shaktarian
                     1 New Parisian

His major enemies aren't trying to kill him, just put him in a bad position so he
will be forced to call his aunt.
Funds: 157c

1 FEN 603 Auto pistol (2 magazines 20 P 10mm STD each)
1 SP vibro disk (10 Vibro disk)
1 Gash Fist, 1 Jolt Glove,

4x KS+,
operative organizer, Oyster, BPN file case,
1 SLA head set communicator, Klippo Lighter, Pen,

Cards: S.C.L, Finance, Departmental, Package, & SLA badge;

2 sets of standard issue clothes,
one set of standard issue foot wear,
1 Weapons maintenance kit,
packet of contraceptive.