SLA: Flaky - a Vevaphon I&I

Within minutes after Flaky stepped from her tank it was clear that something had gone wrong. Not in a major way - then she would have been recycled immediately - but her skin was clearly subpar and her standard threat reaction was odd. She also reacted to zink in the allergy test - rare in SLA goods, but used in downtown as rust protection. Her mimicing qualities and sensory acuteness were noted though.

As her score was low, but just above the cutoff point, she was placed on hold until the week results came in: to many rejects would look bad in the charts, but to many 'low-grades' was almost as bad.

She was then contacted by Frank 'Sharky' Malone, the floor manager, who made her an offer: he would okay her, but she would be flagged as in need of special medication and special housing. He then rerouted these funds to his own.

Orange Crush was no big problem, although her test scores were not outstanding. She did take several related subjects though. She disliked combat because dead people tell no tales; this to the frustration of her personal combat trainers because she really had the possibility to become a very good melee figther. The day she finished OC, she was contacted by Cloak, who had discovered Sharky's dealings. She was given the 'choice' to have a finance chip fitted and would receive only half payment as penalty. Of course she did not receive anything that Sharky had appropriated back - she had signed it over after all. Because she fully cooperated with the inquiry, the cloak operative allowed her to re-enter a housing request. Being one of the last new Ops to do so, she got a lower DT room - irregular innundations guaranteed.

Flaky seldom looks like a vev (what do vev's look like?), as she always shifts into human or frother shape. She uses her disguise skill and wigs (etc) to create all the effects her body cannot. She also tries to hide the race item on het operative card, usually by wearing it slightly covered by her coats lapel.

Flaky is part of the Illusive Death squad.

10 STRENGTH (shifted to 6)   7 DIAGNOSIS                Advantages:
 5 Blade (1h)                1 Biz, admin               - Vision(5)
 5 Unarmed combat            1 Computer use             - Hearing(7)
			     1 Demolition               - Gen: natural shape(2)
                             6 Forensics       
 9 DEXTERITY (shifted to 13) 2 Industrial, mech         Disadvantages
 3 Hide                      2 Industrial, elec         - Lower DT room(8)
 4 Pistol                    5 Intimidation             - Debt(10), Income(10)
 3 Sleight                   3 Locks, mech (+1)         - Psoriasis(1), Allergy-zinc(2)
 3 Sneak                     3 Locks, elec (+1)         - Pacifist(2)  
			     2 Pathology                - Bad Reputation(2): Cloak
 9 COOL                      3 Read Lips                - Bad Luck(1)
                             3 Tracking                 - Phobia Insanity(3)
                             1 Xenobiology              Chipped

10 PHYSICAL                 10 CONCENTRATION            SCL  9.-.0 0xp
 1 Climbing                  1 Biz, Finance             +.2+.1! +.3 +.2 +.1+.2! +.2+.2 +.2
 1 Running (4.3m/r)          6 Detect (hear+4,see+3)
 3 Swimming                  3 Photography
			     2 Repair, elec
			     2 Repair, mech

 6 CHARISMA                  9 KNOWLEDGE
 3 Communique                3 Computer, subterfuge
 3 Diplomacy                 3 Demo, Disposal
 5 Disguise                  3 Eval Opponent
 6 Interview                 3 Literacy
 5 Persuasion                3 Navigation
                             5 Psychology
 - LANGUAGES                 6 Rival Info
 2 Orienta                   6 SLA Info
10 Killan  (free)            6 Streetwise

- FEN 603, 20x std ammo (laser pointer) 1 hotline
- 'BarNoNo' 'Ultimate Visionary' (tm) IR/UV/Flare/Display Goggles
- headset
- average gruby downtown raincoat with lots of pockets
- - 3rd eye Nava map, Enviro Scanner, Motion Scanner
- - cellphone, oyster(4x Go-Harpooning),
- - flashlight, IR flashlight, UV flashlight, silencer
- - 1x KS-Solo, +1x Blaze, 2x KS+(4hit,2wnd), 3 energy-bars
- - Jolt glove
- Sturdy waterproof suitcase/backpack
- - Disguise kit/clothing: Flaky, Bob, Mac, Suit, Clown
- - Hunterjacket with 20 odd buttons
- - CMC mechanic/electronic toolset (also for demo disposal)
- - lockpick tools (mech+elec)
- - forensics kit: gloves, samplers, basic analyser
- Sterling cam + 3 slugs
- Credits: 954.0c, 85u

The Generic 'Natural shape' advantage is there to indicate that Flaky seldom gets her shape wrong - it might look a bit ugly, but usually in a quite acceptable way.

Rebalance Strength and Dexterity
Create a weapon
Vibrate (PEN+2)
Without Armour
Create Armour