SLA: M'Th'R - a Shaktar Scout

M'Th'r is a rather small and unimpressive Shaktar female, who often goes unnoticed as she does what needs to be done. She wears an adaptive camo Silverback with a very low signature and a custom, and rather long, weapon system build around her right arm. Even if she stands totally still, she still scans her environment. Some people are telegenic, she just tries to hide and evade.

Some would call her a sniper, but that's not what she does: she watches over 'her' squad as if it where her children - seldom seen or heard, but always there to spot problems, analyse them and plan to shift the power balance in the squad favour. She dislikes being in the spotlight, but follows the rules - most of the time. To protect her 'children' is always her number one rule.

One would expect that she would have an excellent reputation with other operatives, but that is only partially true. An important reason of this is that she twice was the sole survivor of a squad: once on a Green 'hunt' for a certain creature where the Xeno who later became the 'Bushmaster' left her squad to work alone (who took her threats fairly seriously), and later when her new squad encounter a Tresher Sarge. The fact that she managed to take out the suit with an SP Vibro of a deceased member has put her on the Kill list of Thresher and lessened Control's dislike of her un-SLA-like actions. Her relation with her husband is strained as he finds her actions doubtful, but she does pay for an excellent upbringing of their daughter. Within the Shaktar community her reputation is bad, as she sometimes breaks the Shaktar code of Honor. One Elder is vehement in his comments, but his son lost in the Circle of Justice and he now cannot act directly anymore. She still is extremely sensitive about such matters.

She managed the Sarge kill by sneaking up (leaving her armour behind) and lying on a power conduit under the walkway which masked the SP's emission. She then waited until the Sarge walked over her and shot two disc in the jump jets exhaust ports. When he next jumped he could not control his flight path, crashed against a wall and dropped 200 meters to his death. She now carries a prototypal SP Long Vibro (rifle version of the SP Vibro; has a minor problem on a 3, and a serious problem on a 2).

Her victory in the Circle of Justice had little to do with fighting skill, but everything with tactics and insight: her opponent was as a better fighter, but had put little energy in training movement and analysis of opponent and options. In the end she broke his knee before he could break her ribcage - the fight was over 3 seconds after.

SP Long Vibro:
A rifle sized version of the standard SPV (it sticks out under her hand and about a foot behind her elbow), this prototype has increased speed (Dmg 10, Pen 13, AD 2).
OOC: normally a 'rifled' weapon does about 1.5x damage and PEN+1 in comparison to the pistol variant, but I limited the Dmg because:
The, current, rather lackluster damage improvement has got everything to do with the fact that the last 6 inches of the gauss rail are not to accelerate, but to degauss the disc to keep the gun 'silent' in the EM range as well.

Name: M'Th'R           Race: Shaktar
Sex: Female            Length: 2.12m,  85kg
Package: Scout         Move 1/3/7.1

Shell Enhancement
 Hit: head 8+3, arms/legs 11+3, torso 22+3

10 Strength         13 Dexterity        12 Physique
 7 Unarmed           4 Gymnastics        6 Acrobatics
                    10 Hide (+3)         6 Climbing
 8 Concentrate       4 Pilot Silverb.    7 Running
 3 Biofeedback       1 Pistol            5 Swimming
 8 Detect (+ad+ae)  10 Rifle             3 Throw
 5 Marksman         10 Sneaking          2 Wrestle
 2 Weapon Maint.

 8 Diagnose          8 Knowledge           Advantage
 5 Covert Engineer   1 Cult Info         8 Vision
 2 Lock elec (+1)    5 Demo, dispo       8 Hearing
 2 Lock manu (+1)    7 Eval.Opponent     1 Reputation (SlOps)
 8 Tactics           2 Literacy
 6 Tracking          5 Navigation          Disadvantage
                     2 Repair, elec      9 Major: Tresher
 6 Charisma          2 Repair, mech      5 Major: Elder Gr't'Ch
 2 Communique        3 Rival comp        6 Minor: Bushmaster
 2 Diplomacy         3 SLA Info          3 Kakarrophia (failure)
 2 Persuasion        2 Survival          3 Katagelophia (ridicule)
 3 Sing                                  4 small
                     3 Killian           3 SLA Control
12 Cool              3 Sign Language     4 Shaktar community
 2 Willpower         1 Wraith            8 Husband and Child
SPLV 10/13/2 x6 60m, (60 discs)
Grenades (3 blast, 3 fragment, 3 smoke, 3 riot)
Gash Fist,
PP112 Silverback/ecm module, jolt circuit, motion/enviro scanner
 sonar, phone, air, flare, rifle tgt, 3K, audio enhance
 voice pro 6000(2 UV, 3 Blaze, 8 KS+, 2 Flip, 2 Drum)
20 nava slugs in slugdeck

lock picks (man/elec)
flash light (2), climbing gear/grapple (20x)