SLA: Squad Outsiders


Atli (Malice/Strike), SCL 8
A 313 Malice Stormer with a tail, great belief in himself and enough sanity to let another person be 'the volunteer'. He wears a beautifull custom armour, and carries a shotgun. His main strength is his versatility. His weakness is that he doesn't know what he cannot do.
Quote: 'Atli can do everything'
Syndrom (Brainwaster/Business), SCL 9
A beautifull female Brainwaster, less wild looking than most of her race and fairly social adept if it suits her. She believes in the bottom line and reserves most of her agression for opponents. She likes weird stuff. She wears a green and purple deathsuit, with a ECM coverall and long coat, and carries a flickscythe. Her main strength is to keep to the mission. Her main weakness is her bossing everybody around.
Quote: 'Sign this form and let me handle it'
Late (Wraith/Scout), SCL 9
An ugly long armed male Wraith, who always seems to miss appointments, but who seldom missed a target. Late wears Powercell armour and carries a Fen 30-30 sniper rifle. His main strength is his seeing without being seen. His weakness is that he's a specialist.
Quote: 'Is that the time?'
Mary-Ann (Frother/Media), SCL 10
A Frother was a camera (and a two hander) plus loads of nice pills and ampuls. Her main strength is she'll do anything to get the shot, her main weakness is exactly that.
Quote: 'The footage is unclear, can you do that again?'
S'k'r (Shaktar/Medic), SCL 10

Quote: ''
Jack Smith (Human/I&I), SCL 10
A corparate kid trying to for the fast track. The others should be shot, he should clear those BPNs so his SCL increases. He wears Exo-heavy armour, and carries a Blitzer.
Quote: 'Ough, that hurts!'
? (Brainwaster/I&I), SCL 10
An ugly and misformed Brainwaster male, who hates/distrusts about everybody. He wears a deathsuit, and lacks close combat weaponry.
Quote: 'Traitors! All of them!'
Luxon (Wraith/Kick Murder), SCL 9.1
A ultimate Wraith: quick and deadly with Exo armour, FEN-AR and a Gashfist. His main strength was his deadliness, his main weakness that he couldn't let go. Lost a fight against an opponent even more relentless than him.
Quote: ''
Cob (Chagrin/Death), SCL 10.6
Big, powerful, and of course often (but not always!) lacking in the brain department. His main strength is his weapon skills including full auto, his main weakness his social aptitude.
Quote: 'SLA good, how you like my doggie'
Cherish (Ebon/Medic)
With combat paralysis and a streak of bad luck enough to make Bitterness weep, she dropped out on a black BPN.
Nuts (Ebon/Mechanic)
Nice tools, but physically weak. His luck ran out versus a pack of carriens


Blue (success): Syndrom, Redneck, Late, Luxon, Mary-Ann
Sewer duty
Blue (aborted): Syndrom, ...
Sewer duty
Yellow (success): Syndrom, Luxon, Addly, Late
Shiver equipment retrieval
Green (success): Syndrom, ...
Unstable planet
Black (success): Addly, Syndrom, Late, Luxon, Cherish, Nuts
Mia: Cherish, Nuts
White (success): Syndrom, Mary-Ann, Late, Cob
Odd things
Red (success): Syndrom, Mary-Ann, Late, Cob
Gauss train hijacked
Blue + blue (in progress): Late, Syndrom, Luxon
BPN for the maintenance division of the Transportation department. Late was pulled in by a Shiver working on the side and he tried to help doing the paperwork, with odd results. After Luxon and Syndrom talked him out of the problems, Syndrom also managed to get a double blue to also check a few factories near the gauss line needing repairs (about halfway between Mort and Oriente). An encounter with Carriens and Scavs almost ended in tragedy as Late shot Luxon through the head with a 30-30 HEAP. Luckily the intervening Carrien slowed the bullet enough that Luxon could tell the tale. Syndrom managed to befriend a Scav and he invited them to his 'nest'. Most scav there were in favour of killing them but a demonstration of her invulnerability turned the tides. They offered to exchange things and Syndrom picked up a nice glowing orb - but why did her enviro scanner go 'beep - beep - beep'?