Hope and Malice, chapter 1

SLA DATE: Thursday the 1st of june. 947

The new operatives barely got off the transport from Meny before being bustled into a number of black SLA marked APC's. There were four small televisions in each APC where arecording of a clean suited executive explaining how they would be grouped into squads and how to collect the ordered equipment.

The APCs pull up and the doors open leading out into the underground car park of the Crib. They file out and up a steel spiral staircase into a long corridor with lots of numbered doors along each side at 6 to 7 meter intervals. Executives stand by each of the doors checking id tags and beconing the new operatives into rooms: 6 by 8 meters with about 20 chairs stacked against the far wall and a table standing at the front of the room with a pile of forms on it

A Wraith Raider with a large messenger bag strapped to his back over his gray, slightly stained overcoat slumps casually in the back corner after a quick scan of the room and closes his eyes. He doesn't move at all from his position as the other operatives walk in one by one.

An Ebon walks into the room, not far behind the Wraith Raider. She's dressed in a standard issue DeathSuit, which is currently midnight blue in color. Her long blood red hair is pulled up into a tail, which sways gently as she walks. She strides in like she owns the place, stops to scan the room and then walks over to a section of wall not far from the door. She drops her Meny issued, black duffle bag against the wall. Then she proceeds to lean against the wall, arms crossed and waits.

A human walks into the room. He looks a bit tired and his clothes are slightly untrimmed. He looks every one in room and speaks with a tired voice: "Hello folks. My name is Hope and I'm some kind of investigator."
After short smile to everyone, I fetch a chair and sit next to the table. "What a joyful group." I say smiling tiredly.

The Ebon gives a slight smile and a nod of her head at Hope's hello, showing a nano-second glimmer of an actual Ebon demeanor. Then her expression changes back to what you'd expect to see from a Brain Waster.

An invisible speaker in the right hand corner of the room suddenly announces: "once you have assigned your team leader and filled in all of the relevant forms please head to room 1 with no less than 3 posible team names. Thank you."