SLA: Syndrom History

When Crystal got a Brainwaster baby daughter, her reaction was neither despare, nor anger. No her reaction could best be described as 'curiosity'. As an experienced member of the Psychosis department, she decided to see how much of the brainwaster known attributes were down to nature and how many could be changed by nurture. Thus she carefully planned an experiment with some support of her department - of course the ebb department was not involved as that would 'complicate' the matter.

Ample test cases already showed that the Ebons 'open mind' was not an attainable target, so the experiment seeked to find ways to control the anger and destructiveness into a more managable package without imparing the subjects ebb capabilities. Rigid rules were put in place and enforced, and several human co-workers helped to control the raising process.

Funds were somewhat of a problem, but when Crystal discovered this, it was inserted into the program as 'one of her dislikes'. The project was successfull enough to run the entire youth of Syndrom, with a decrease of 68.5% of 'accidents' in comparison to a standard BW child.

At the end of the program a final test case was performed: Crystal showed Syndrom selections of what they had done. After Syndrom had read the whole file she broke her mothers favourite chair, destroyed her music collection, and enrolled in Meny's OP-Business class. She never talked to Crystal again and Crystal closed the file as a resounding success.