Shadowrun: Blake's Seven


Resetting — mr.Grey

Bored now! — Squire

Happy New year, one and all — Kwai Lo

First run — Januari 6th

Bootstrapping — mr.Grey

Nervous beginnings — Kwai Lo

Kwai Lo meets Mr.Grey

Just a meeting — Januari 9th

Naming madness — Kwai Lo

Measuring — mr.Grey

Snowblood — Mavin

Kwai Lo does Underground

Needing needles

Double missile crossed — Februari 9th

Two many missiles — Kwai Lo

Retconning — mr.Grey

Cure vs Care — Mavin

Rigged tow

Februari 14th — Kwai Lo

Rigging — mr.Grey

Singing Island — Mavin

Mama's Boy

Februari 18th — Kwai Lo

Retrieving — mr.Grey

Deadly Dancing

March 21th — Kwai Lo

Dancing — mr.Grey

German Evasion

March 26th — Alice

Covalescing — mr.Grey

British Poison

April 2nd — Kwai Lo

My first spirit — Alice

Hacking — mr.Grey

Harbouring Mereman

April 15th — Kwai Lo

Lounging — mr.Grey

Brittany brother — April 23rd


See no danger, hear no danger

Shipment Shangaid — May 3rd

Reputation — Kwai Lo

Princess Plex — May 7th

Hints — Kwai Lo

Martin/Martout — May 10th

Repossessing — mr.Grey

Tong Trouble — May 15th

Blackout — Kwai Lo

That hurts! — Alice

Interrupting — mr.Grey

Artistic threeway — June 8th

Another Heist — Kwai Lo

Playing — mr.Grey

Payback — June 10th

Returning — mr.Grey