Shadowrun: Equipment of Lotus


Corset (black): it's reinforcements are ballistic plates, molded around a monowire mesh and covered with a dicote layer. The outside is made of GoreTex Silko (tm), while the inside is made of YYY. The locking hooks can actually be pried out and used as lock picks.
Balistic 5, Impact 4 (6 versus monowire). Full armor rating against laser attacks.

Suspenders: together with corset forms an effective climbing/parachute harness.

Watch (pale gold): includes 4 timers, height, depth under water, and GPS. None of these extra function show by default. It will sent a single pulse radio signal with the current (last known) GPS location 1 hour after being taken of without the proper handling. This feature can be coupled to one of the timers, it will also drain most of the battery.

Belt (black leather with stiched on 'loops'): the 'loops' are 30 meters of stealth wire, while the inside of the clasp has the catalyst