Shadowrun: members

Angel [9], amerital elven female rigger/fixer

Interpol: Ucas Mafia connections, but now seems to run support and 'import/export' from somewhere in Switserland. Has several pseudonyms, and is now seldom actively involved in illegal actions.

Europol: On the watch list. No threat, but is know to deliver restricted good to non-euro shadowrunners.

Threat rating: Low unless under duress. Likely has thorough backup plans, equipment, IDs.

ASP, amerital human male gunslinger

Interpol: Enforcer and runner, might be part of the mcSweeny family.

Threat rating: Highly dangerous, full swat with level B magical support adviced if needed to be apprehended.

Blackjack [5], ucas human male decker/socializer


Black Lotus [2], japanese human female street-samurai/combat-leader

Interpol: In her early thirties. Known for switching MO, relations, and preferred assignments. Suspected to have at least 3 alternate identities and places of residence. Professional; leaves few traces and seems to dislike collateral damage and deaths. Known objection to wet work. Respected in the business.more...

Chopper, english human male pilot


Claw [3], corp human female security/decker

Interpol: Corpsec background. Former employer refuses to hand over personnelfile, claiming privacy laws to supersede in this matter (Lawsuit pending).
Specializes in combat and decking. Active in multiple continents. Has been identified through multiple SINs (Emerald Foxworthy). Presumably active as Shadowrunner since 2055. Well connected in- and outside the scene (caution: connected to high level NAN and top level local Seattle politician).
Possible connection to a Bodyguarding Firm. UCAS Revenue Service reports no irregularities.

Fate, swiss human female security/rigger

Interpol: do not apprehend, contact

Fatso, mexican human male gator shaman

Media: I'll stay anonymous, right? Okay, that fat abrassive oily son of a - Sorry, yes, I'll keep to the facts. That bastard calls himself an 'agent', yeah, right. I mean, sure he's got a few nice looking broads and they say that he's right for them, but shit, he's a nasty backstabber. So I pulled a quick one on him once, and now he's ruined a perfect deal. I asked some of my 'friends' to visit him - turns out he's a bleeding Mage. That, and the rumour is that he's got runner friends. I even tried to ruin his records, but it seems he knows how to work the 'trix too - a mage! I'll take care of hime one day though!

Festuco, japanese human male sniper/combat-leader


Jeeves, english troll male butler


Jerome K Jerome, ucas human male decker


Jinx, ucas orc male physical mage


Johnny, ucas human male data-courier


Keepa, corp human female cougar-shaman


Mean-Streak, ucas human male mage/researcher

Magical community: Identity is known, but not given. Background: Above average interest in alternative use of magic. Tendency to overreact in stressful circumstances. According to highschool classbook "most likely to scientifically succeed", but dropped out before graduating MITT. The outline of his final paper was only partially recovered from University Network: it was called "Cybermancy, do's, don'ts, forget its and rather not think about its". Several recruiters expressed interest in hiring, but reportedly failed to do so.

Interpol: file corrupt!
<retrieving> . . . . .
Error4008, please inform <MISSING>@<MISSING>.<MISSING>. . . .
Traceback log initiated.
Following the Law concerning Cyberspace and IT (code 417b/12) terminating this connection is now a federal offense.
<session ended><connection terminated>

Mercury, ucas human male mage


Nasty, corp human female enforcer


Night Hawk [7], Eire elven male sniper

Interpol: Removed from 'shadowrun' list on request of the Vatican.

Oberon, english elven male dancer


Raptor [5], south-african dark-elven female bountyhunter


Road, ucas human male rigger

Friend: You know, sometimes Road's just a little weird. I mean, he's got this thing for old school cars that I just don't get. Technology... It develops, it grows, and you got to go with the times. If you want to win the race, you got to drive the fastest car. And Road, well, he wants to win the race, but he insists on driving that pile o' junk. The paint-job is pretty cool though. Taking your wheels and painting it 'yellow-cab' is funny. And I'll grant that when he fires that thing up, the sound is good. None of that soft humming crap, but a big fat rumbling thunder and that's cool. And fair is fair, you can rely on Road. If he tells you he'll pick you up and take you somewhere, he will and I like that. Heck, my suppliers should be more like that. Now all Road's gotta do, is get with the times and get a decent set o' wheels -but don't tell him I said that.

Scorpion [4], chinese human male mage/decker


Sherman, ucas orc male heavy-weapons


Squid, ucas human female sorcerer


Suzy-Q [6], ucas human female street-samurai


Turra Feille, ucas elven male rockstar/cyber-technician (19)


U-Boot, german human male ops

undisclosed GSG9-member: U-boot? Somebody said 'Deutsche Grundlichkeit' and up popped U-boot. He's reliable. He's boring! He drinks one beer, maybe two when it's a special day, never more, nothing heavier. Not even schnapps. He's dedicated though, to the Heimat, to his team. That's good, but... a man that drinks only one beer?

Fellow Runner: U-boot? I tell ya, he freaks me out. He's calm, he's cool, he's professional, bu... It's just like one of those, you know, dormant volcanoes. It's all nice and calm, walk in the park, picnic, bring the kids and the barbecue, but you never know when it's going to blow. With U-boot I always had the feeling that it was going to be sooner than later and I know one thing for sure, I don't want to be near when he does...

...decoding..., jewish troll male heavy-weapons


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