Species: Togorians
Gender: F
Age: 17
Height: 2.30m
Weight: 95kg
Move: 14
Character Points: 0
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Force Sensitive: No
Credits: 143
Dexterity: 5D
Running 6D
Melee Parry 6D
Dodge 6D
(S) Blaster: Blaster Carbine 6D
Knowledge: 2D Mechanical: 1D
Perception: 4D Strength: 5D
Climbing / Jumping 6D
(S) Brawling: Huntfight 6D
Stamina 7D
Technical: 1D

Special Abilities:
Teeth: Bite attacks (Strength +2D) are almost exclusively used for the final killing attack.
Claws: Claw attacks (Strength+1D), means that the fight is business, without claws is just 'playing'

Special Skills:
Intimidation: +1D because of height and aura. This does not apply to species that little fear and are on the top of the food chain like charon-warriors, coynites, and Noghri

Story Factors:
Hunt: If she hears of another Togorian being near, she will seek him/her out to ask about Ni'Auw. If she hears about slavers, she will try to discovre more, as 'subtle' as she can.
Short gray-black fur with a few long tresses and orange eye. She does not look her length, as she usually sits or lies curled up and she seldom walks on stretched legs. She wears her running clothes: a wide and billowing multi-hue suit with the Runners leather and metal parrying bracers.
Gamemaster Notes:
The bracers are clearly visible, but are also clearly no attack weapon, just for blocking blows. The blaster carbine is hidden under one of the folds of her suit, making it pretty hard to spot for anybody not familiar with Togorian build.
Togorian males and females live apart for most of the time. This means that some form of long distance communication is needed, and as the males dislike use of technology, the females have the 'runners': female couriers (as Mosgoth flying is a male thing). These runners are a hardy lot, wearing their token fighting bracers. Strangely enough, Runners seem to like sophisticated males, which they see several times a year.
Mesa is looking for her mate Ni'Auw (an emergency radio operator), who disappeared after the landing of an unidentified spaceship.
To find her mate, to punish those who took him, and to see how big this universe thing is.
A 40 kilometer run in 2 hours? That's a morning jog!
Mesa has a soldiers mentality: if nothing happens, she prefers a nice comfy spot with enough to drink and eat. But if the action starts, she's there. As a Runner, she can only rely on herself, so the prefers those who can handle themselves.
BlasTech Protector Blaster Carbine, Custom parrying bracers (armed melee), Holo cube with sound of Ni'Auw.
Connection with Characters:
Any Togorian will recognise her profession immediately.
Weapon Damage Difficulty Short Medium Long Ammo
BlasTech Protector Carbine 6D - 3-20 40 200 15