7,432,000.-CDA-3T Cicade

Weight: 40 ton
Chassis: Kell Reinforced 270 - Endo
Power Plant: Pitban 280 XL
Cruising Speed: 75
Maximum Speed: 118
Armor: Durallex Super Medium (6.5 tons)
  2 PPC: (Donal)
  3 AMS: (Unknown), 4 shots each
Manufacturer: Free Worlds Defense Industries
Primary Factory: Gibson
Communications System: Dynatec 1122
Targeting and Tracking System: Datacom 50

The Free Worlds League, currently the only producer of the Cicada, has given this design increasing priority in recent years. The availability of recovered technology - in this case the XL engine - has let to several new models, the most well known are the initial 3M - with the new Ultra-5 Autocannon, and the later 3F - with an endo steel frame, freezers, an Extended-Range PPC, full jump, and improved armor.

Known Variants - 3T:
A less well known variant is the 3T, based on the 3F and a previous experimental model the 3C. As the Free World League never had extensive standard PPC factories, the 3C never took of, as the whole PPC output was used on Awesomes. Now, with the planned upgrade of the Awesome to Er-PPCs, a limited run of the 3T was produced. The 3Cs leg mounted machine guns were replaced by anti-missile systems, and a third AMS was installed in the head. By using a mixture of the 3C and 3F (each carrying a PPC in a different side torso), twin standard PPCs could be installed.

Technology Base: - Inner Sphere - Level 2
Equipment                                                Mass
 Internal Structure:    Endo-Steel         7LA,7RA        2.0
 Engine:                XL            280                 8.0
 Walking MP:                            7
 Running MP:                           11
 Jumping MP:                            -
 Heat Sinks:            DHS            11                 1.0
 Gyro:                  Standard                          3.0
 Cockpit:               Normal                            2.0
 Armor Factor:          Ferro-Fibro   116                 6.5
                        IS           Armor
 Head                    3              9
 Center Torso           __             15
 Center Torso(rear)                     6
 R/L Torso              __             15  4FF each
 R/L Torso(rear)                        5
 R/L Arm                __              8  3FF each
 R/L Leg                __             15

Weapons and Ammo                   Location      Size    Mass
 PPC                                   LT          3      7.0
 PPC                                   RT          3      7.0
 AMS Ammo                              CT          1      1.0
 AMS                                   LL          1      0.5
 AMS                                   RL          1      0.5
 AMS                                   HD          1      0.5