SHD-5E Shadow-Hawk and 5V

Weight: 55 ton
Chassis: Earthwerk SHD II - Endo Steel
Power Plant: Core Tek 275
Cruising Speed: 43
Maximum Speed: 64.5
Jump Jets: Chilton 360
  Jump Capacity: 150 meters
Armor: Maximillian 43
  1 Autocannon/5, 20 cased shots
  1 AMS, 12 cased shots
  1 LRM5, 24 cased shots
  1 SRM2, 50 shots
  1 Medium Laser
Manufacturer: Earthwerks Incorporated
Primary Factory: Calloway VI
Communications System: Neil 9000
Targeting and Tracking System: RCA Instatrac Mark XII

The Eartwerks mech factory on Calloway VI was the major producer of endo steel frames of the Free Worlds League. It produced the Stinger, Shadow Hawk, and Archer, all using this rediscovered material. The Stinger production ironed out any production difficulties, so the building of the Shadow-Hawk went quickly - to quickly as a matter of fact. It became clear that the new XL engine as well as the Imperator autocannon could not be delivered in enough quantities, and also the Doombud shipments were delayed. As the factory had put itself into debt to finance these new designs it needed a sellable design. Now. So, with permission of the central authorities, an 'export' version was created. As the Leagues army showed little interest - they were waiting for the 5M - almost the whole production run was bought by various mercenary units.

The 5E was hardly a stunning new design, but that fact also meant that a pilot could switch from the original Shadow-Hawk to the 5E with only an hour or two training. It kept the original armament of the 2H, extended by Case in both torsos and an anti-missile system next to the long range missile launcher. Few pilots even noticed the new freezer heatsinks, as the original 2H seldom taxed its basic set, but there were some complaints by the financial department about unneccessary costs. Requests about replacing them were quickly cancelled when the sales department put its foot down: they had used the 'freezers' as a prime advertisement statement and were afraid of loosing contracts, or worse, breach of contract lawsuits.



Notable Pilots:

Technology Base: - Inner Sphere - Level 2
Equipment                                                Mass
 Internal Structure:    Endo Steel                        3.0
 Engine:                SFE           275                15.5
 Walking MP:                            5
 Running MP:                            8
 Jumping MP:                            5
 Heat Sinks:            DHS            10                 0.0
 Gyro:                  Standard                          3.0
 Cockpit:               Standard                          3.0
 Armor Factor:          Standard      168                10.5
                        IS           Armor
 Head                    3              9
 Center Torso           18             23
 Center Torso(rear)                     8
 R/L Torso              13             19
 R/L Torso(rear)                        7
 R/L Arm                 9             18
 R/L Leg                13             20

Weapons and Ammo                   Location      Size    Mass
 Jump Jet                2             LT          2      1.0
 Autocannon/5                          LT          4      8.0
 Autocannon/5 Ammo                     LT          1      1.0
 Case                                  LT          1      0.5
 Jump Jet                1             CT          1      0.5
 SRM-2 Ammo                            CT          1      1.0
 Jump Jet                2             RT          2      0.5
 LRM-5                                 RT          1      2.0
 LRM-5 Ammo                            RT          1      1.0
 AMS                                   RT          1      0.5
 AMS Ammo                              RT          1      1.0
 Case                                  RT          1      0.5
 Medium Laser                          RA          1      1.0
 SRM-2                                  H          1      1.0

SHD-5V Shadow-Hawk

Known Variants:
The 5V is a inplace rebuild of the SHD-5E. Although it looses some long range critical power, it is a much more capable urban and AA fighter. The right arm medium laser was replaced by a flamer as new infantry tactics and armor made reliance on energy weapons a loosing battle.

Weapons and Ammo                   Location      Size    Mass
 Jump Jet                2             LT          2      1.0
 ErPPC                                 LT          3      7.0
 Medium Laser            2             LT          2      2.0
 AMS                                   LT          1      0.5
 Jump Jet                1             CT          1      0.5
 Medium Laser                          CT          1      1.0
 Jump Jet                2             RT          2      0.5
 Medium Pulse Laser                    RT          1      2.0
 Medium Laser                          RT          1      1.0
 AMS                                   RT          1      0.5
 AMS Ammo                              RT          1      1.0
 Case                                  RT          1      0.5
 Flamer                                RA          1      1.0
 Medium Laser                           H          1      1.0