IND-1R Interdictor

Weight: 75 ton
Chassis: Standard
Power Plant: Standard 225
Cruising Speed: 32.25
Maximum Speed: 53.75
Jump Jets: Leviathan Lifters
  Jump Capacity: 90 meters
Armor: 3/Star Slab 
  4 Blankenburg Technologies Medium Lasers
  1 Armstrong Autocannon/20
  1 Holly SRM 6
Manufacturer: Krupp Armaments Works
Primary Factory: Terra
Communications System: O/P COM-21
Targeting and Tracking System: O/P 911

The Interdictor is an old mech, even in its time seldom seen beyond the Terran Hegemony borders. It was designed and built during the period that an invasion by one or several of the great houses seemed likely and its basic principle was not unlike the later Atlas, although its low and squat profile was a lot less impressive. Most of these mechs never fired a shot in anger.

The Interdictor is a defensive mech, and it excells at that. It was one of the first mechs to carry such a heavy autocannon, which, combined with 4 medium lasers and a huge battle fist promised destruction in the often close-in fighting of the Age of War. As often in these early designs, an extra SRM launcher was added for additional penetrating attacks, but mech pilot using it tended to overtax their mechs heatsink capacity.

In its time it was stationed near cities and large industrial parks, but the development of mech technology slowly left the Interdictor behind. It became less and less used, but because it was such a usefull emergency design, many were mothballed instead of scrapped.

Known Variants:
The only known variant was a Star League upgrade which replaced the four aging medium lasers with 2 new medium pulse lasers. At least 3 of this 1S variant were used in the defense of Terra by Rim Worlds units.

Code: IND-1R Interdictor
Technology Base: - Inner Sphere - Level 1
Equipment                                                Mass
Internal Structure:                                      7.5
Engine:                225                                10
Walking MP:         3
Running MP:         5
Jumping MP:         3
Heat Sinks:            21                                 11
Gyro:                                                      3
Cockpit:                                                   3
Armor Factor:          216                              13.5
                     Internal          Armor
                    Structure          Value
 Head                    3                9
 Center Torso           23               33
 Center Torso(rear)                      10
 R/L Torso              16               25
 R/L Torso(rear)                          5
 R/L Arm                12               24
 R/L Leg                16               28

Weapons and Ammo                     Location   Critical  Tonnage
Autocannon/20                           LA         10       14
Autocannon/20 Ammo                      LT          2        2
SRM 6                                   LT          2        3
SRM 6 Ammo                              LT          1        1
Jump Jet                                LT          1        1
Medium Laser                            RT          1        1
Medium Laser                            RT          1        1
Medium Laser                            RT          1        1
Medium Laser                            RT          1        1
Jump Jet                                RT          1        1
Jump Jet                                CT          1        1