JM6-AV Jagermech

Weight:         65 ton
Chassis:        Kallon Type XII
Power Plant:    Nissan 260 XL
Cruising Speed: 43
Maximum Speed:  64,5
Jump Jets:      none
Armor:          Kallon Royalstar with CASE
   2 Arrow IV Missile Systems (20 reloads each)
Manufacturer:   Independence Weaponry
   Primary Factory: Quentin
Communications System: Garret T11-A
Targeting and Tracking System: Garret D2j

A popular 'Mech common in the armies of the Federated Suns and Capellan Confederation, the JagerMech began to get even more Davion attention with the loss of the last Kallon production line in the Capellan Confederation, leaving both remaining JagerMech factories in Davion space. With the formation of the Federated Commonwealth, the JagerMech was among the designs chosen for increased emphasis. Prototype work began at the high-security Kallon BattleMech factory on the planet Talon in the Wernke system. From there, preliminary drafts went out to the other JagerMech factory, Independence Weaponry on Quentin, for incorporation of Star League technology as researchers continued to get the bugs out. One of the Draconis Combine's biggest prizes in the War of 3039 was the JagerMech factory on Quentin, complete with plans for the new JM6-DD. This is how House Kurita is managing to produce the identical 'Mech designated top priority in the Federated Commonwealth.

The AV Variant:
The Draconis Combine quickly used the first production models in propaganda anti-pirate missions and some minor raids. There it became apparent that the Jagermech was a total mismatch with the usual kuritan style of warfare. A well connected Sho-Sho wrote a report declaring that the mech was only capable of behind the line fire support, but that it's fire power and range (sic) were inadequate even for that. Stamped and forwarded this report was taken as a request for a true fire support mech, and a daring new variant was proposed: Removing all the weaponry, there was enough capacity to add twin Arrow-IV launchers with extensive reloads. Fitting the two huge launchers was a problem until the subtely shaped Unity Weave armor was replaced by old fashioned Royalstar armor. Loss of protection meant that choices had to be made, and, kuritan style, the vulnerable -and expensive- XL engine got the lion part. Some engineers proposed replacing some ordenace with a medium laser or two, but the main designer vetoed this because an artillery mech should never need them and Arrow ammo was rare - so a large magazine was needed.

Technology Base: - Inner Sphere - Level 2
Equipment                                                 Mass
Internal Structure:                                       6.5
Engine:                XL              260                7.0
    Walking MP:                          4
    Running MP:                          6
    Jumping MP:                          -
Heat Sinks:            DHS              10                0.0
Gyro:                                                     3.0
Cockpit:                                                  3.0
Armor Factor:          Standard        104                6.5
                       IS            Armor
Head                    3                8
Center Torso           21               15
Center Torso(rear)                       5
R/L Torso              15               15
R/L Torso(rear)                          5
R/L Arm                10                8
R/L Leg                15               10

Weapons and Ammo                     Location    Size     Mass
Arrow IV Missile System              LA/LT       10/5    15.0
Arrow IV Ammo                           LT          3     3.0
CASE                                    LT          1     0.5
Arrow IV Ammo                           RT          3     3.0
CASE                                    RT          1     0.5
Arrow IV Missile System              RA/RT       10/5    15.0
Arrow IV Ammo                           CT          2     2.0