9,927,000.-THG-11V Thug (Rebuild)

Weight: 80 ton
Chassis: Earthwerks VOL - Endo Steel
Power Plant: Pitban 320 SFE
Cruising Speed: 43
Maximum Speed: 65
Armor: 15.4 tons Standard
  2 ErPPC: Tiegart
  4 AMS: (Unknown), 6 shots each
  4 Medium Laser: (Unknown)
  1 Guardian ECM: (Unknown)
  1 Tag: (Unknown)
Manufacturer: Maltex Corporation
Primary Factory: Terra
Communications System: Unknown 
Targeting and Tracking System: Unknown

Designed in 2572 as a competitor to the popular Warhammer BattleMech, the eighty-ton Thug has beefed-up armor protection and a more advanced target acquisition system than its predecessor. The Thug also avoids some of the Warhammer's heat problems by removing secondary energy weapons rather than adding heat sinks. Secondary weapons include two Bical-6 short-range missile launchers, one each in the 'Mech's right and left torsos, freeing the Thug's arms for hand-to-hand combat. The Thug is equipped with CASE, safeguarding the MechWarrior from missile-load explosions.

Known Variants - 11V:
The 11V is a rebuild of the 11E. The troublesome Tiegart PPCs were replaced by XXXXXXX extended-range PPCs, while the secondary weaponry was updated. Instead of the twin torso mounted short-range missiles, four anti-missile systems and for medium lasers were added. A Tag and Guardian ECM completed the rebuild. Two double heatsinks had to be removed, forcing a small decrease in effective medium range fire power.

Technology Base: - Inner Sphere - Level 2
Equipment                                                Mass
 Internal Structure:    Endo-Steel                        4.0
 Engine:                SFE           320                __._
 Walking MP:                            4
 Running MP:                            6
 Jumping MP:                            -
 Heat Sinks:            DHS            16                 6.0
 Gyro:                  Standard                          4.0
 Cockpit:               Standard                          3.0
 Armor Factor:          Standard      247                15.5
                        IS           Armor
 Head                    3              9
 Center Torso           __             40
 Center Torso(rear)                    10
 R/L Torso              __             25
 R/L Torso(rear)                        9
 R/L Arm                __             26
 R/L Leg                __             34

Weapons and Ammo                   Location      Size    Mass
 ErPPC                                 LA          3      7.0
 AMS                     2             LT          2      1.0
 Medium Laser            2             LT          2      2.0
 TAG                                   LT          1      1.0
 ECM                                   LT          2      1.5
 AMS                     2             RT          2      1.0
 Medium Laser            2             RT          2      2.0
 AMS Ammo                2             RT          2      2.0
 Case                                  RT          1      0.5
 ErPPC                                 RA          3      7.0