10,515,000.-BL-9-KNT Black-Knight

Black Knight
Weight: 75 ton
Chassis: Technicron 1L - Endo-Steel
Power Plant: Vlar 300 SFE
Cruising Speed: 43
Maximum Speed: 65
Jump Jets: HildCo Model 12
  Jump Capacity: 120 meters
Armor: 13 tons Numall Durabond - Standard
  5 Medium Pulse Lasers: (Unknown)
  1 Medium Lasers: Maxell DT
  1 Small Laser: Magna
  2 Er Large Lasers: (Unknown)
  2 AMS: (Unknown), 6 shots each
Manufacturer: Kong Interstellar Corporation
Primary Factory: Unknown
Communications System: TransComm Alpha (SOTA)
Targeting and Tracking System: Irian Beagle Probe and Tag

The Star League Army introduced the Black Knight into service in 2578. The Black Knight 6's heavy armor and arsenal of energy weapons made it the ideal command 'Mech for deep-strike units - thanks to the low weight endo steel frame, although the careful bracket fire was needed to keep heat within limits. The communication system effortlessly coordinated communications for an entire company at once, and could link together the command frequencies of a whole regiment if necessary. The new Beagle Active Probe furthered the performance by picking up a much wider range of information and relaying it instantly to the pilot. It could pierce standard ECM devices at short range and provided instant cataloguing of all military machines. Yet all these features meant that improvements were almost impossible: the endo steel frame precluded the use of the new freezers, effectivily canceling the use of extended range weapons, or even the use of ferro fibrous armor. The Black Knight 6 seemed the last true of its line - the succession war BL-7-KNT was only a pale shadow. Then some mercenary units fielded the BL-9-KNT; a simple(*) rebuild giving the Black Knight a totally new role.

Variant 9:
The new Black Knight follows a well known rebuild of the Eridani Thunderbolt: it uses HildCo jumpjets to jump upto 120 meters, although the leg armor is not upto the 'Death from Above' maneuvre. The arm mounted PPC was replaced by several medium pulse lasers, while the torso large lasers were upgraded to extend range versions. A TAG and double anti-missile system rounded the weaponry, while the remaining heatsinks were replaced by freezers and the musculature by triple strength myomer. The end result was a 'Mech with a slight reduction in medium range fire power, but an extremely efficient urban and woods fighter. The only point of discussion was the Beagle Probe: in some of the 9s it might have been replaced by a Guardian ECM.

Technology Base: - Inner Sphere - Level 2
Equipment                                                Mass
 Internal Structure:    Standard                          3.5
 Engine:                SFE           300                19.5
 Walking MP:                            4
 Running MP:                            6
 Jumping MP:                            4
 Heat Sinks:            DHS            12                 2.0
 Gyro:                  Standard                          3.0
 Cockpit:               Standard                          3.0
 Armor Factor:          Standard      208                13.0
                        IS           Armor
 Head                    3              9
 Center Torso           __             29
 Center Torso(rear)                    10
 R/L Torso              __             24
 R/L Torso(rear)                        8
 R/L Arm                __             24
 R/L Leg                __             24

Weapons and Ammo                   Location      Size    Mass
 Flamer                                LA          1      1.0
 AMS                     2             LT          2      1.0
 Er Large Laser                        LT          2      5.0
 Medium Pulse Laser                    LT          1      2.0
 Probe                                 CT          2      1.5
 AMS Ammo                              RT          1      1.0
 Tag                                   RT          1      1.0
 Er Large Laser                        RT          2      5.0
 Medium Laser                          RT          1      1.0
 Medium Pulse Laser      4             RA          4      8.0
 Jump Jet                2             LL          2      2.0
 Jump Jet                2             RL          2      2.0
 Small Laser                           HD          1      0.5

*) This is a BMR rebuild: all locations keep their allocated crits and weight