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CuuraCG Hf - SuneCuura ('Tempest') - Combat leader, horse master
Cuura stats Born on The Ride (and to ride), Cuura has little interest in organization, but wants to become a horde leader. She dislikes people reading to do 'magic'.

Other than many of her kin, Cuura has some feeling for trying to keep oversight and to fight tactically. Using her horse's speed and ranged weapons to reduce the enemy is something she was never trained for but still feels natural. What's more, she no longer sees combat as crucial on its own, but only as an important way to gain stature. She now follows Sune, where most barbarians follow Tempus.

Grimwald is long winded, but at least he's a fighter, as is Zhae; Kendalan she works well with, and she feels Felina's experience is useful. ChiSiChen's morning tea is nice, and she finds Nethander interesting.

Archetypes: Boisterous Bruiser

GrimwaldLG Dm - Dumathoin/MoradinGrimwald ('Rock') - Smith, cleric
Grimwald stats He was forced to flee from his fallen home. Even if he is not worthy he will fight on to restore the Dwarven heritage - if somebody would listen to him.

Dwarves are the pinnacle of creation, but his own destination is one of doom and despair. These things Grimwald knows to be true. Where he's ever doubtful about his selfworth, he is steadyfast in his belief in his races destiny - if only the other acceptable races could see that truth and the neccessity of eliminating the orc threat once and for all.

His faith assumes silence, but his companions must be shown the way. He often sees their flaws, yet he knows he/his race will need their support to survive. They miss the obvious, think they see, and put their trust in cursed powers and tainted blood. Giving up, however, is not, and will never will be, a viable option.

Grimwald looks up at Cuura, seeing her as a great captain experienced in combat. Zhae is too much a lone wolf with a flawed memory of dwarven history. Kendalan is an expert in an area he's not remotely interested in, and he just cannot believe the elf's remarkable eye sight - if he can't spot it, it can't be important. He distrusts Nethander and he cannot believe that anybody might want to work with such a creature. His opinion of both the Art and the person of Felina is low - Magic is dangerous and bad for ones soul. Chi Si Chen he sees as touched by the Gods, but he isn't sure she isn't cursed too. Sometimes he has high hopes, other times he despaires for her.

After breaking the vow/curse of a dwarven clan, his outlook in life changed. Oddly enough - as he sees it - the dwarven gods seem to (more or less) agree with this.

Archetypes: Mighty Glacier, Knight in Sour Armor, The Engineer, Combat Medic

KendalanN C-Em - MielikkiKendalan ('Lightning') - Nature's answer
Kendalan stats After the Retreat some Copper elves decided that they needed 'ambassadors' in the human world. He's a cosmopolitan to their standard.

For a Faerûn copper elf, Kendalan is a real open minded individual. He was sent into the (human) world to try and make sense of it, as the lack of shielding Moon and Sun elves made encounters with that race ever more likely. He was to discover which humans (and dwarves, gnomes, etc) could be trusted, so to create a buffer zone for the elves beloved High Forest.

With his deep understanding of forests and nature in general, and due to his phenomenal eye sight, Kendalan is the group's Pathfinder, scout, and camp master. In combat he fulfils the usual elven role, but his connection with Mielikki gives the party an extra healer/supporting caster and his Amethyst dragon blood also slowly becomes a telling factor. Lightning is his element. More and more his true strength shows in his animal companion, Bear.

Except for a kind of tiredness because of Grimwalds endless monologues, Kendalan accepts most others as they are - even if he does not understand them. He is kind of afraid for Reed, her anger hits something deep inside him. Oddest is that she holds no grudges.

Archetypes: Red Magician, The Archer, Magic Knight

Chi-Si-Chen pictureNG Hf - Guan YinChi Si Chen aka 'Reed' ('Fire') - Fire and soul
Chisichen stats A T'u Lung citizen, sent/fled to the west. She has the Sight, rather impressive Fire Art, and an ever growing understanding of nature through her faith in Guan Yin and the Way, but is dependent on support of the group as some people back home wish her dead. She's also handy when something needs to bought or sold.

Together with Zhae she is the 'youngest' of the group. Perhaps not in years - Nethander is younger still - but in worldy experience as it pertains to the western Realms. She is learning fast though, and she no longer is a proper T'u Lung maiden.

Her position in the group is based on four totally different aspects. Her arcane fire Art is deadly for such a low level caster, she can cast druidic spells, she has a incling of what the future might bring (both by study and by involuntary insight), and she is the best trader of the group. Even in a standup fight she isn't totally useless. On the down side are several cultural inhibitions, emotional instability, neither animal companion nor shapeshifting, and less martial insight than is healthy.

"Zhae is the only one who understands our culture, and I cannot but be deeply grateful for the fact he is my guardian. We both feel our shared bond, and my being a Wu-Jen means that his lack of family and standing is of no importance. Yet he cannot make the proper steps for our mutual shared being. I cannot complain about that, but I can weep.

Felina has knowledge of the Art, although she has no direct connection to the elements. She's also aware of a woman's position, yet her casual disregard for ownership... and her moral outlook... she could be a force for good, but sometimes I wonder.

Kendalan's understanding of Nature is different but akin to my own, in a peculiar way he is the 'closest' in understanding. I seldom disagree with him, but where I think, he feels, where I reflect, he acts.

Cuura is a special case, the woman 'role' does not apply to her, and her love for horses a beautiful thing. However, she is not refined and she distrusts the Art. Still she becomes more womanly as time passes, and her might in battle is impressive.

Grimwald... Slowly we're getting closer. He's often right... and often wrong. It mostly depends if he knows what he is talking about. His craft, let there be no doubt about that, is outstanding. What he cannot do is convince people. Even if he is right, the way he puts it almost forces one to take the other position. Yet in the end, we two are the ones to worry about the 'why'.

Nethander is practical even if his morals are, well... He can't help being who he is, his background, his heretige, too dark, I will try to show him the path to self knowledge, but it will be a long one."

Archetypes: Red Magician, Martial Pacifist, The Heart

[Nethander] [Picture]CN TFm - TymoraNethander aka 'Snake' - Swashbuckler
Nethander stats Grown up in the squalors of Calimport, cursed by his birthright to become one of the many thieves fighting for survival. His body still shows the signs of a youth where food was a luxury. Picked up by a blademaster in hiding, he learned the art of fencing.

Nethander is kind of stumped by Felina. She is supposed to be the party leader, but he really doesn't understand why: she is certainly not the wisest, clearly not the most intelligent and most certainly not the most present character in the group. Nethander can't place Felina: she's stealthy and can do some magic tricks, but you don't really see her do anything and then when you've finally placed her she does something that forces you to re-evaluate her completely. Labeled 'Formidable'. In a social way Nethander has got no issues with Felina, perhaps because she’s a social outcast herself, she seems to accept Snake’s heritage.

Cuura perhaps the easiest going member of the party. Cuura is a person who looks at actions, not stature! Cuura is a formidable warrior, yet not so bright and easily manipulated. Cuura is a classis case of WYSIWYG, a formidable warrior who takes damage and dishes it out 'till either she or the opponent drops down and on top she's even a good laugh. Labeled 'Risky' Socially, Cuura is the closest to a friend Snake has ever encountered.

Nethander regards Zhae as the most skilled fighter in the party. His battle prowess is beyond all others, especially his ability to dish out damage is astounding. His prowess combined with the fact that Nethander doesn’t seem to be able to place a sneak attack really bothers him. Labeled 'Deadly'. Socially the fact that Nethander and Zhae share the passion for swordplay makes Nethander respect and accept Zhae without a doubt. Somehow Nethander doesn't understand the issues Zhae is encountering with himself. Zhae is clearly bothered by a lot of issues about duty, loyalty, insecurity that Nethander can't relate to. Although they seem to accept each other, a real friendship seems to be out of the question due to incompatible character.

Kendalan the all seeing Elf. Kendalan seems to act like a true Elf. Patient, reasonably open minded and he seems to judge on actions. Nethander has no quarrels with Kendalan and thinks this also counts for kendalan as well. Kendalan is a real virtue to the party because he seems to spot danger from miles away. What he really excels in is unclear to Nethander. He can handle his weapons decently and can do some magic tricks, but he doesn't really shine in any profession. Perhaps his knowledge about nature and the bond he has with wildlife makes him special. But since nature is not Nethanders strong point he cannot put this in perspective. It's after a fight that Kendalan really shines with his healing powers. In a fight itself Kandalans tricks doesn't seem to be very effective and his battle prowess is average and nothing more. Labeled 'fifty-fifty'. Socially Nethander does not object to Kendalan, he keeps to himself when not spoken to and answers whenever addressed to. He is a bit strange, but that must be his Elvish heritage. In a fight Nethander will certainly let Kendalan guard his back and if Nethander doesn't object to long nights of walking guards together with the Elf.

Reed is a most interesting character according to Nethander. Nethander regards reed as the real party leader, she has the wisdom, intelligence, knowledge and natural wits to decide what's best for the party. In this frail body she combines magical prowess beyond all others and she tries to sharpen her battle prowess with that strange weapon of hers. Sometimes she's an enigma to Nethander, strong, willful and standfast in her deeds and then without a real reason she becomes overwhelmed by emotions and looses all strength. When Nethander has to evaluate Reeds possible danger he has to give here a 'Risky'. Her ability to dish out incredible fire damage is as dangerous as anything, yet when prepared Nethander thinks he can end the fight in a few quick decisive rapier thrusts, before she can call the power of her magic. Fortunately Nethander knows it will never come to this because Nethander has a soft spot for the gentle lady from the East. Somehow she sees him as her personal project. She tries to teach him and keep him on the track of goodness and Nethander slowly begins to understand that somebody seems to care for or at least worry about him.

Last but not least the grumpy dwarf. Grimwald is the most difficult one in the party, although lately he has proven to be a wise dwarf, he's really not a team player. He mumbles on about the party being fools and he most certainly doesn't trust Snake at all. If Nethander comes into a conflict with anyone it will be the grumpy dwarf. Although he packs a good swing with his battleaxe and his priestly magics allow him to stay in the fight longer, he's no match for Nethander in battle. After the weeks Nethander and Grimwald has spend together on the road, Nethander slowly seem to appreciate the wisdom and abilities on priestly powers the dwarf adds to the party. The problem lies with the dwarfs distrust in Nethander based on his fiendish heritage. Nethander really doesn't like the dwarf, his crazy ideas on good and evil, predestination and his incredible stubbornness. Nethander will accept Grimwalds presence in the party, friends they will never become. In truth Grimwalds reaction is like most people react to tieflings, so Nethander is used to be treated like this. Strangely enough grimwald seem to be shaken whenever Nethander performs an act of 'goodness'. Since Nethander knows this, he secretly enjoys messing around with Grimwald's view of the little tiefling. Labeled 'fifty-fity' and the social mismatch of the party.

Archetypes: Sixth Ranger, Master Swordsman

CN Hf - MielikkiEfyra - Hunter
LN Hfm - ?Norbert - Investigator
Practicing deductive reasoning in a world of magic, Norbert seeks order in chaos. He has opened his mind and sharpened his senses to allow him to find this in many different ways.

A social exile and functional orphan from a small hobbit community in Amn, Norbert spent the better part of his youth in an orphanage in Tyr, where he was taught the self-discipline to develop his particular talents. Making a name for himself as an investigator of sorts, Norbert has, for the past few years, come to the attention, and then, in the employment, of the Spymaster of Tyr. Being sent to 'track' a number of adventuring parties, sometimes by joining them, he has always tried to keep an emotional distance from his investigations, and the people he was asked to investigate. This has not been too difficult. Norbert instinctively sees adventurers as wanderers and troublemakers: trawling through tombs and caverns, and then coming to town to rest up, they stir up things - as one would when lifting a stone in a garden, long left undisturbed. More often than not, their kicking up dirt and scrambling all the pieces of the puzzle means more trouble for the common folk.

To his great surprise - and alarm - however, Norbert has come to enjoy the taste of these investigations. Not wishing to go the way of his parents, he at first tried to cast out his ´heroic impulse´ and ´thirst for adventure´, with dramatic consequences. He now recognises however that all his experiences have brought him closer to appreciating, and ultimately knowing, the nature of reality. He still wishes the world were more predictable and easier to understand for the common folk, but he, at least, is willing to help put the pieces together, and make the world a more structured place.

Has a near-total disinterest in (and lack of) social skills; disdaining politics, showing off, gossip, heroics, hedonism, narrow-mindedness, and over-reliance on either faith, or magic, or the physicality of combat. Analytically appreciates all these however, for what they are: elements of reality, constructed or otherwise, and therefore: pieces of the Puzzle, which is to be Studied, Understood, and ultimately, Completed.

  • Lords and Ladies, allow me to present to you: Felina. She can look and act more than respectable, if she wants to. She can also look decidedly less so - if she wants to. Yet the question remains: is she? Her mind and her clothes may be bright, but what does she want, except for to dazzle and glitter? What is she trying to distract us from? Perhaps I am seeing shadows where there are none, but I cannot place her. Not in the courts, not on the streets - and certainly not in the countryside or in the wild lands. Is that why she's chosen this life? Because she does not belong?

    Felina is one of the less *obviously* dangerous members of this group, and therefore, possibly, one of the most dangerous. Certainly she is worthy of further investigation. Her conduct and appearances are familiar, at first glance - weaving her spells and gathering her wealth like so many others before her. And yet... something about her is off. If she hadn´t already been one of the reasons I was approached to investigate this group, solving her riddle would be one reason for me to stay on.

  • Cuura, a barbarian troublemaker. Could not be easier to peghole this one. Still, a maker of troubles can also quell them. I must remember to be objective in my analysis. So, being objective: Cuura is a bloody troublemaker, first, second, and quite possibly third, and a queller of troubles, often self-made, only fourth. She lacks self-control, and in fact prides herself on this, leaving her aggression unchecked, especially in combat. Yet her desire for ´leadership´ - inspiring others to embrace the same sort of chaos in their minds - is her most dangerous feature by far.

    She's good at what she does; it's just that what she does best is unbalance things. As long as she keeps moving, this unbalancing takes effect locally - like a sudden gust of wind, or a dustdevil, impressive but limited in its impact. The real danger with this adventurer is keeping her in one place: you cannot pin down the wind without raising a storm. I've notified my contacts in Cormyr about her plans to mobilise her barbarian tribes, now half a world away. Let's hope they are paying attention.

  • Grimwald. Without a doubt the most harmless of the bunch, and still, a bit of a riddle. If left to his own devices, he would probably write a book about Dwarven theurgy. A long book. That no one would want to read. Unfortunately, he is not left to his own devices. For some reason, he travels along with this bunch of erratic adventurers. Why? To do good, he´d say. Well, that he does, and my... unfortunate brush-in with an Outsider and unexpected trek through the afterlife made me appreciate his knowledge of the planes. Getting to know and experience, in an up-close and personal fashion, the bent nature of reality has been fascinating. Yet it would have been much preferable to have gained this experience without also almost losing my soul.

    I may have to listen more about his lectures about his strange gods and his clan, for whom, or not for them, really, who can say, he´s taking up adventuring - I listen, and learn, but mostly I wonder why he travels with this band, bringing along his bludgeoning tools and prayers to support this accidental alliance. If only he would be in charge of the whole bunch, they´d be more predictable, and I wouldn't have had to move around so much.

    If only! If only. If wishes were wings, pigs would fly. Well, I guess they wouldn´t, without being able to make a wish, too, and, having no hands, they should probably find some way to grab a hold of those wishes, being wings, and attach them somehow, and then still the common pig is rather heavy-set so the physics of it all would likely require some further stretching of natural expectations in order for them to lift-off and take flight. But what I mean to say is this - rather than wishing that Grimwald would impose some predictability on this group, or indeed, dwelling on the wingless nature of the common ungulate, I should probably look into his motivation for travelling with his strange bedfellows at all. Is his support for these adventurers derived from some sort of Dwarven loyalty? Is it some form of atonement? He seems an outcast among outcasts. I need to talk to him more about his motives.

  • Kendalan. Did I say Grimwald is the most harmless of the bunch? Well I was right, of course. But Kendalan, in his own way, is a contender. He is supposed to be an ambassador, I´ve gathered, a representative of sorts for his people; Copper Elves (not to be confused with copper Elves, of which I've known a few - Na´ine was a fine officer, but somewhat limited in the interpretation of her mandate, and Alonna never seemed to be concerned with petty crime until someone cut down a tree without permission). But yes, Kendalan, then, a Copper Elf, capital C, and an 'ambassor'. Sometimes I have to wonder what ambassador would choose to willingly go traipse about the Western realms, and beyond. But in a sense - he´s an investigator, as I am. And one likely to be held accountable, at that. I think he won't go upsetting the broader balance of things, necessarily - not out of his own inclination. But his undying love of nature can make him irrational and unpredictable.

    I should further investigate the nature of this 'ambassadorship', and more importantly, the substance of his reports. Even if it seems unlikely his reports to the Copper Elves' will have any direct impact on Cormyr, knowing is my business, and I do know my loyalties. Besides - it is better to see dangers before they arise.

    He´s also got a bear. It is smarter than the average bear. It is also rather large. Sometimes, it eyes me strangely. Beyond these observations, I am not so keen to investigate.

  • Chi Si Chen aka 'Reed'. You of the noble, you of the self-sacrificial, you of the enlightened Path. I'm sorry - I do appreciate the discipline with which you approach your chosen tasks. But you are naive, walking here and there, seeing only good and evil, and doing only good. Chasing your ideals in a world that is much harsher, much more casually uncaring, and therefore both much better and much, much worse than your angels or demons or devils would have you believe. The only reason you've survived so far is - well, I guess there must be a couple, and I intend to find out about them. The thing is, the longer people like you survive the world, the world itself has to wonder: will it survive you?

    This one radiates both power and innocence; a troubling combination, even more so given her unlikely companions.

  • Nethander - you may be neither as good nor as bad as you think, or fear. And yet, and yet, oh! You are still t-e-r-r-i-b-le! What is the measure of a man? What is the measure of a man? You wouldn't know if it came and challenged you to a swordfight! The day you manage to make some sense of your self will be the day you set out to become what you need to be.

    Nethander seems deeply uncomfortable with himself and expresses this discomfort externally - by taking on an aura of supreme confidence, by showing off and kicking up trouble, challenging the status quo (and total strangers, to swordfights) whenever he can. External accomplishment, to him, must seem like an alternative to self-worth. Well - his finesse with a sword may be nearly unmatched, but the true worth of these accomplishments is up for discussion. Reed seems to have some influence over him, yet I fear she cannot teach him self-control, and her naivité coupled with his need to go and prove himself is, at any rate, a potent brew for trouble. I know how orphans can get. If only it weren't too late to guide him, as I was once guided myself.

Archetypes: Spock

Former members:

FelinaCG HEf - SharessFelina ('Water') - 'Party leader', Unseen & Art
Felina stats Born on a different Prime, she does believe in spending, not earning. She dislikes the discomfort of adventuring. When in doubt she casts lots of defensive magic on herself.

Felina did become the 'party leader' because her experience, but also because nobody else seemed suitable. She's a 'laisez faire' kind of person, who only decides when others ask for her opinion. In truth she prefers to be independent, but at this time she finds the group to be handy.

She came from somewhere, persecuted for her arcana knowledge, to Faerun, to be persecuted for her rather loose definition of mine and thine. As an 'adventurer', however, her acquiring of goods is accepted and the extra bodies between her and danger is a decided advantage. The addition of healing power and somebody to discuss magic with - and the fact nobody tells her what to do - makes her like it more than she dislikes it. She even starts to care for some of these people.

Felina doesn't mind working with Chi-Si-Chen (and getting Zhae for free), as the oriental girl seldom opposes her and has a different, but interesting, view on the Art. She has learned to trust Kendalan's wilderness lore. Grimwald is tiring, both because it seemingly endless talks about boring subjects, as well as the fact that their outlook in life is so totally different. Cuura is too agressive for her taste - and too obvious, while she is wary of Nethander.

Archetypes: The Sneaky Girl, Fragile Speedster

Zhae PictureNG Hm - noneZhae ('Steel') - Melee specialist
Zhae stats A westerner trained in the martial arts by a Shou master. His handling of the blade is great, his handling of civilization somewhat less. His master disappeared and he's not quite sure what to do about it.

Felina: she is our leader, the one dealing in matters not directly related to battle. Her decisions... I'm starting to question them more and more as I see more of the world I see... I can't quite put my finger on it. Everything however tends to work out, so there may be more wisdom behind her choices than I see. She moves with exquisite grace though and has shown great skill behind her frailty, with her things are simply not as they seem.

Cuura: an exquisite warrior in raw ability, not to mention her vigor and willingness to throw herself in the thick of it. I would mark her only flaw her tendency to lose herself in conflict, yet even that she turns into a powerful weapon. She is very practical and our leader in matters of combat. An excellent horse rider, having even taught me the beginnings of how to ride. Combat from the back however feels to restrictive to me, despite their great swiftness. She is a jovial spirit and I find her demeanor quite uplifting. A credit to the group morale and her willingness to listen to counsel and straight to the point when there is too much deliberation is commendable.

Grimwald: the Dwarven master himself, teaching me the very basics of a weapons construction, which greatly aids my ability to wield them and make them a very extension of my self. He has been a bastion of the group and even conquered great choices posed before him. He did not have the vigor in conflict I expected at first, but perhaps it was not needed till recently, he has even begun to demonstrate techniques of the sublime way, manifesting in awe inspiring manner. His path focuses on the strengthening of the group itself, our healer and cornerstone he is.

Kendalan: our guide and keenest eyes. His skill with the bow is truly impressive, making shots of unheard accuracy. He fights with the blade and even has the aid of nature itself. We do not speak much, but I still desire to learn such techniques of the bow, but first I must focus on my current studies. His heart is a righteous one and he will act when I but ponder if I should. No better example could I ask to demonstrate one of my greater lackings.

Reed: what could I say about her, I lack the poets tongue to spin the words I want. I lack the skill to give my blade focus, that I may truly protect her. She shows such strength when tested, this small flower would stand against a hurricane and not wilt. There is so much I have to learn, but I will stand and defend her till my last breath. When I stand upon my last leg, she drives me further, her peril made me force the door open, she was the one that awoken me from the madness that had me assault my friends, she drives my blade to it's sublime state. I ponder if she could be my answer to the spirit, but I am not ready yet.

Nethander: my rival of the blade. He is unlike Cuura, a master of focus and precision. When we spar he shows me weaknesses no other adversary has shown me, I can turn and avoid any mans blade, but his still follows and ends where he wanted it. His only flaw is this abilities ineffectiveness to those who lack such vulnerabilities. His skill and flair are admirable. It is only his demeanour I tend to question, he as an enjoyable flair, but it sometimes turns into grave disrespect. He has as much growth to do as do I.

Archetypes: Crazy Awesome, Nominal Hero

The party according to others:

The Harpers
The Harpers have some hope for this group, even if currently only one member is a Harper.

Weldin had been laughed at for getting this motley group together, but others now have to admit that it worked out well. Priests of Oghma are frustrated about them.

  • Felina is a bit too 'roguish' to be asked as harper candidate, but if she would ask herself she would definitely be considered. Her skill would seem to lie in information acquisition, not in 'alter circumstances'.
  • Cuura is an unlikely candidate. Yet her following Sune... In a way the harpers find her the most difficulty of the group, especially as she has worked for the Zhentarim without any qualms. They still have to decide how to work with her.
  • Grimwald is clearly not a harper, but as a craftsman he is very much worth being in the 'friendly' list. Reports from Nashkel suggested he did a good thing even though he paid a heavy price, so he might be willing to work in specific missions.
  • Kendalan, a copper elf, which means he is likely far too 'direct' to become a member. Still, him being a druid of Mielikki means he can be trusted to work for the good of nature.
  • Zhae might become a harper, once he sees that it is a good way to fame.
  • Reed joined the fire-hearts, our Calimshan sister organisation.
  • Nethander is on the 'watch' list.
All kinds of opinion float around, although the group stood up to a red dragon guarding the village, and they recovered some farmers kidnapped by kobolds, so the worst opinion is at least neutral.

Many guards feel they owe their life to the group. The captain isn't so convinced, but he wasn't there when the dragon attacked. The rescuing of the kidnapped farmers has given them a rock solid reputation.

  • The peopel consider Felina a lady, perhaps with some trading background.
    People find it hard to disagree with her.
  • Cuura is seen as a horse trainer/warrior from the icy north.
    She is far less agressive than people expected.
  • Grimwald is a smith with much craft, but no manners.
    Either he ignores you, or you get a monologue.
  • Kendalan an enigmatic elf, but not unfriendly.
    Rumour is that he can see (and shoot) a sparrow at 600 paces.
  • Zhae is rumoured to be a blade master. Look but do not bother.
    Silent and always training.
  • Reed has people wondering: is she a bard, seer, fire mage, glaive fighter?
    The guards are very careful around her.
  • Nethander looks the dangerous guy, but he is a true hero.
    He is the pupil of the swordmaster Blade.
Baldur's Gate/Flaming fist
Most civilians have never heard of them, although some might have seen Felina and Reed perform. The flaming fist knows of them, their reputation varying between neutral and friendly depending on the division.

The archers, scouts, and harrassers (both mounted and on foot) are the ones who really appreciate the group. Nethander is well liked by the main battle line.

  • Felina is charming, yet unexpectetly deadly.
  • Cuura is a horselord, her flail killing trolls with a single blow.
  • Grimwald is a dwarven rock. Unassailable with crushing attacks.
  • Kendalan, archer and woodsman, said to hunt trolls for fun.
  • Zhae is fearless, quick and agile, with deadly skill.
  • Reed is a bard and fire mage. Her fire truly awesome.
  • Nethander is a swashbuckler, full of ideas and he also delivers.
Army of the Lord's Alliance
As mixed as most adventuring groups, but true heroes.
The leaders:
  • Felina: A capable harasser, but artfully evades any rules she dislikes. Unsuitable for a rank higher than lieutenant.
  • Cuura: Political unsuitable, but a natural medium or heavy cavalry commander, if coupled to a political savy lieutenant.
  • Grimwald: Solid, dependable, but lacking initiative. Natural for defensive positions or preparations.
  • Kendalan: A artillery unit in himself, but disinterested in command.
  • Zhae: Who?
  • Reed: A woman of many skills, and socially very strong. Exposes herself to danger to much for a real frontline commander.
  • Nethander: One of those swashbucklers, but he might be even better than he claims he is.
The men:
  • Felina: People tell lots of stories about her exploits, and she's a natural harasser. She also knows some magic, but it's unclear what she can do with it.
  • Cuura: Brave if perhaps a bit optimistic. A barbarian cavalier if such a thing existed. Follow, but at a slight distance.
  • Grimwald: Typical dwarf: good with mechanics, brave, and a bit slow on the uptake. But totally #$^%* indestructable.
  • Kendalan: He can rain destruction on your enemies, stop assaults in mid stride, and has a bear that can destroy an orc platoon single handedly. So he's a bit odd. Who cares.
  • Zhae: Who?.
  • Reed: Healing, food, wonderful stories and music, fireballs and nature attacking those orcs. And nice to look at too.
  • Nethander: A dare-devil swashbuckler, but the stories tell he leads from the front, and he makes sure the dangerous creatures attack him, not us.
Army of the Cormy - Wheloon
When the Devil Dragons army attacked, they stopped it.
The Purple Dragons:
  • Cuura: .
  • Grimwald: .
  • Kendalan: .
  • Reed: .
  • Nethander: .
  • Norbert: .
  • Enfyra: .
The Red Wizards
A motley group without even one true mage, that seems at least capable in a simple standup fight. Soon they would learn about the true might of magic.
Analysis by Nezreth, school of enchanment.
  • Felina: halfelf rogue who can do some magical tricks.
  • Cuura: barbarian horsetrainer.
  • Grimwald: dwarven cleric and master smith - item creator.
  • Kendalan: copper-elf ranger/sorcerer - scout.
  • Zhae: human fighter with some innate power.
  • Reed: fire-wujen/nature-priest mystic theurge
  • Nethander: swashbuckler/rogue.
Kill them all, study the WuJen's spell scrolls.
The Zhentarim
So called 'aventurers', at least partially in thrall by the traitor Semmemmon. They refuse to recognise the pre-eminence of Bane.
Capable of ruling those weaker than they in an effective unit, and well versed in subterfuge. However, they are blind for the logical steps, refusing to rule, or even to use nature as disposable resource.
  • Felina: shadow bard. To much a loner. Sell as slave.
  • Cuura: horserider, but follower of Sune. Use as bait to lure out heretics of Cyric.
  • Grimwald: cleric and master smith. Kill.
  • Kendalan: ranger. Burn him in his wood to make a point to others.
  • Zhae: warblade. Force to fight gainst the Network's opponents.
  • Reed: weird oriental. To goodish. Kill and capture soul to control Zhae.
  • Nethander: swashbuckler. Find right handler to lure him in.
The Cult of the Dragon
Easy to fool, yet far more deadly than first expected.
  • Felina: fearful, but with a nasty sting.
  • Cuura: simple but strong.
  • Grimwald: disbeliever and true leader.
  • Kendalan: too fast a runner.
  • Zhae: indestructable.
  • Reed: easy to fool, yet versatile in magic.
  • Nethander: Nasty little man.

Friends and enemies:

He got his orders, and made his moves.
The Captain
He will repay Cuura (and the rest) with blood.
A master of the game of power. What are his intentions?
Aloth Kakanos
A depraved summoner with a flair for bluffing.
He thought his power was enough - he will take revenge.

Custom elements

New Classes
New Feats
New Enchantments
New Spells
New Equipment

The party was named thus by Weldin, a Harper agent in Berdusk, because they came from all different places and had different ways of life, but they still managed to survive.

Background0000 00
Berdusk Blues
Level 5
Level 1, 13hp; ac14, F3 R2 W-1
Melee +4:1d8+3
Level 1, 10hp; ac12, F4 R-1 W6
Melee +3:1d10+3; Ranged -1:1d4+2
Craft-weapon 10, -metalwork 7, -stonework 7
Level 1, 10hp; ac16, F3 R4 W0
Melee +2:1d8+1; Ranged +4:1d8+1
Level 1, 14hp; ac16; F4 R3 W-1
Melee +3:1d8+2
Balance 5, Concentrate 11, Jump 8, Tumble 7
Level 1, 9hp; ac12; F1 R1 W1
Melee +1:1d8+1; Ranged +1:1d8
[] Unlikely companions11111
[] Survival against the odds22222
[] Resupply and trails3-333
[] Cleaning the complex44444
[] Those that came before5-5555
[] Broken promises and chains6666666
[] Last woman standing-7-777-
[] Half of a double problem88
[] Breaking the flood999
Coach to Candlekeep
Felina Cuura Grimwald
Level 3, 17hp; ac14, F5 R0 W7
Melee +5:1d8+4, ranged 1:1d4+2 Craft-weapon 10, -metalwork 11, -stonework 9
Kendalan Zhae
Level 3, 33hp; AC 17; F5 R4 W0
Melee +5:1d8+2
Balance 9, Concentrate 13, Jump 12, Tumble 11
Reed Nethander
[] Not so lonely101010=1010=
[] Books and Birds11111111111111
[] Caught between them12121212121212
[] Entering the twilight zone13=1313131313
[] Taking Position141414141414=
[] Light calling Darkness15151515151515
[] Power is Relative16161616=1616
[] Past Finds Present17=17171717=
[] Love and Fear181818181818=
[] Watch the Water1919=19191919
[] Identity2020=20202020
[] Skirting Dangers==2121212121
[] Herbs, Hags, and Heads22222222222222
[] Trolled with class23232323232323
[] Ogre Management24242424242424
[] Best laid plans25252525=2525
[] Faith and Filth26262626262626
Layover in Nashkel
Felina Cuura Grimwald
Level 6, 46hp; ac18, F9 R0 W11
Melee +7:1d8+5, ranged +4:1d10 Craft-armor 12, -weapon 12, -metalwork 11, -stonework 11
Kendalan Zhae
Level 4, 42hp; AC 17; F6 R5 W0
Melee +6:1d6+2
Balance 10, Concentrate 14, Jump 13, Tumble 12
Reed Nethander
[] Intermezzo27272727=2727
[] Dark and Forgotten2828=28282828
[] Expected Surprise29-2929292929
[] Master Trap---30303030
[] Red Dawn--31313131=
[] Wood Woes3232-32323232
[] Who else?33333333333333
[] Maze and Metal343434-34=34
[] Razer's return35353535353535
[] An Unexpected Journey36363636363636
[] Dangers of the Wild-3737373737-
[] The Right Path38=3838383838
[] Present Finds Past Too393939393939=
[] Choices in Darkness-404040404040
[] Party Forever41--414141=
The Tower.
Felina Cuura Grimwald
Level 7, 53hp; ac18, F10 R1 W12
Melee +10:1d8+5, ranged +5:1d10
Craft-armor 12, -weapon 12, -metalwork 11, -stonework 11
Kendalan Zhae
Level 6, 60hp; AC 19; F7 R6 W1
Melee +8:1d6+2
Balance 12, Concentrate 16, Jump 15, Tumble 14
Level 8, ?hp; ac?, F2 R6 W8
[] Almost Finished42424242424242
[] Thorns and Training434343434343=
[] Gnowledge==4444444444
[] Demons and Death=454545454545
[] Passing the Gates46=4646464646
[] Forth and back47474747=4747
[] The Tower48484848484848
[] Hide and Seek=494949494949
[] Opposing Elements5050-50505050
[] There be Traps51515151515151
[] Looks can be deceiving52525252525252
[] Changing levels53535353535353
[] Feelings or Thought54545454545454
[] Chains5555=55555555
[] Sin and Synergy-56-5656(56)56
[] Masterful5757-5757(57)57
The Battle of the Books.
Felina Cuura Grimwald
Level 9, 69hp; ac16, F14 R1 W15
Melee +12:1d8+5, ranged +7:1d10 Craft-armor 18, -weapon 12, know-dungeon 12
Kendalan Zhae
Level 9, 82hp; AC 22; F8 R8 W4
Melee +11:1d6+2
Balance 15, Concentrate 19, Jump 18, Tumble 18
Level 9, 52hp; AC 18 (24); F9 R10 W13
Melee +12:1d4+1; Area 15d6, single 80
Diplomacy 26, Perform 22, Sense Motive 19
[] The hunt is on585858--=58
[] What is that?-5959-59=-
[] Negotiate for passage606060606060-
[] Darkened Light61616161616161
[] Burning Fury62626262626262
Soul Possession63=6363636363
Triumph and Treason64646464646464
[] Labyrinth66666666666666
Games of Power67-6767676767
[] Danger from beyond=696969696969
[] Loss of Control70707070707070
[] Worms and Wyrms71717171717171
[] Dance, Dragon, D'Evil727272727272-
Fighting Purple73737373737373
Bluff against Karma==7474747474
[] A Candle in the Dark75757575757575
The Gate to Prophesy.
Felina Cuura Grimwald
Level 10, 82hp; ac15, F14 R1 W15
Melee +14:1d8+7, ranged +14:1d8+4 Craft-armor 24, -weapon 16, know-dungeon 16, -planes 16
Kendalan Zhae
Level 11, 116hp; AC 22; F11 R13 W8
Melee +15:1d8+5
Balance 19, Concentrate 23, Jump 21, Tumble 21
Level 9, 52hp; AC 18 (24); F9 R10 W13
Melee +12:1d4+1; Area 15d6, single 80
Diplomacy 26, Perform 22, Sense Motive 19
What is right?76767676767676
[] Coldhearted co-operation77777777-7777
[] Dreams unfinished78-7878-7878
[] Fist against Fist-797979-7979
Essential Vices80808080-8080
[] Encounters with a past81818181818181
Ambushing trolls828282-8282-
[] Knowledge ≠ Understanding83838383838383
An introduction to War.
Level 12, 40hp; AC 22; F3 R16 W7
Melee +11:2d6+5+SA6d6
Hide 21, move silent 19, perform 19, tumble 18, sleight 18
Cat: 20hp; AC17; +9: 1d2-4/1d3-4; Hide 22
Level 11, 83hp; AC 27 (31); F11 R4 W4
Charge +20:5d8+24+5d6; Archer +15:1d8+4
Ride 25, Intimidate 14
Horse: 45hp; AC22; +9:4d6+8
Level 11, 90hp; AC 31(37); F15 R3 W16
Melee +14:1d8+12+1d6; Archer +15:1d8+5+1d6; Area 9d6, single 9d8
Craft-armour 25, -weapon 18, knowledge-various 18
Earth Elemental: 46hp; ac22; +11: 1d8+8
Level 11, 75hp; AC 25 (32); F10 R8 W17
Archer +14:1d8+3+1d6; Area 6d6
Spot 16, Survival 15; Move 60'
Bear: 68hp; 2x +14:1d8+9
Level 11, 116hp; AC 29; F11 R13 W8
Melee +21:1d20+23
Concentrate 23, Jump 21, Tumble 21, Balance 19
Level 10, 57hp; AC 18 (24); F9 R12 W15
Melee +13:1d4+1; Area 15d6, single 80
Diplomacy 30, Perform 26, Sense Motive 21
Level 11, 75hp; AC 29 (33); F8 R16 W6
Melee +20:1d6+5+SA6d6
Feint 27, escape 20, bluff 19, search 18
[] Ella's Smile84848484848484
[] Water/Fire/Air85=8585=8585
[] BIG problems86868686-8686
[] OLD problems89-8989-8989
[] City blues87==87878787
[] Tactics 1018888-88888888
Being recruited90909090-9090
[] Camp safety91919191-9191
Attacker attacked92929292-9292
A lesser Evil93-9393-9393
[] Inviting Trouble94949494-9494
[] Tyrant of the Moor95-9595-9595
Weathering the Storm=96=96-9696
Removing the Middleman97=9797=9797
[] Digging for Info989898==98=
Counciling disaster99999999999999
[] Holding the Rear100-100100-100100
[] Just not enough101101101101-101101
[] Time-past102102-102102102-
[] Truth against Fear=103103103-103=
Pass to finish104104104104104104104
A fish called...105-105--=105
Rank and Command-106106--106-
Frontal Hunger-120-120-120120
Backward Sadness121--121Norbert121121
Historic conflict
Level 12, 40hp; AC 22; F3 R16 W7
Melee +11:2d6+5+SA6d6
Hide 21, move silent 19, perform 19, tumble 18, sleight 18
Cat: 20hp; AC17; +9: 1d2-4/1d3-4; Hide 22
Level 11, 83hp; AC 27 (31); F11 R4 W4
Charge +20:5d8+24+5d6; Archer +15:1d8+4
Ride 25, Intimidate 14
Horse: 45hp; AC22; +9:4d6+8
Level 11, 90hp; AC 31(37); F15 R3 W16
Melee +14:1d8+12+1d6; Archer +15:1d8+5+1d6; Area 9d6, single 9d8
Craft-armour 25, -weapon 18, knowledge-various 18
Earth Elemental: 46hp; ac22; +11: 1d8+8
Level 11, 75hp; AC 25 (32); F10 R8 W17
Archer +14:1d8+3+1d6; Area 6d6
Spot 16, Survival 15; Move 60'
Bear: 68hp; 2x +14:1d8+9
Level 11, 116hp; AC 29; F11 R13 W8
Melee +21:1d20+23
Concentrate 23, Jump 21, Tumble 21, Balance 19
Level 11, 61hp; AC 18 (24); F5 R12 W17
Melee +13:1d4+1; Area 16d6, single 80
Diplomacy 30, Perform 28, Sense Motive 21
Level 11, 75hp; AC 29 (33); F8 R16 W6
Melee +20:1d6+5+SA6d6
Feint 27, escape 20, bluff 19, search 18
A chance of plan107=107107=107107
[] 1.The elfeaterNPC-(N)PCNPC108View-
[] 2a.Over the island(N)PCNPC109NPCNPCView-
[] 2b.In the Island(N)PCNPC113NPC-View-
2c.For the Island-NPC115NPC-View(N)PC
[] 3a.Feet of clay110Bear-110-ViewNPC
[] 3b.Breath of Fire111Bear-111-ViewNPC
[] 3c.Eye of the Storm112-NPC112-ViewNPC
[] Birthplace114-(N)PC--114114
[] 4a.Twisted AnimalsNPCNPC(N)PCNPC-View116
[] 4b.Twisted ArtNPCNPC(N)PCNPC-View118
5a.Knights on Five(N)PC117NPCNPC-ViewReed
5b.Bishops on Six(N)PC119NPCNPC-ViewReed
5c.Castles on Seven(N)PC=NPCNPC-ViewReed
5d.Pawns on Eight(N)PC123NPCNPC-ViewReed
[] Six Down124124124124-NPC-
[] Five to GoNPC-NPC--125125
[] Four Friends126126-126Norbert=126
Three Kings127127-127Norbert=-
[] Two Celebrations128128128128-128128
Kung Fu with a twist
Level 15, 48hp; AC 23(30); F7 R19 W10
Melee +16:2d6+6+SA6d6, +16:1d8+SA6D6; area sleep
Hide 22, move silent 20, perform 24, tumble 19, sleight 19
Cat: 24hp; AC17; +9: 1d2-4/1d3-4; Hide 22
Level 14, 99hp; AC 27 (29); F15 R6 W6
Charge +22:7d8+36+5d6; Archer +18:1d8+4; D1
Ride 29, Intimidate 14
Horse: 68hp; AC22; 2x +11:1d6+5
??? Level 11, 90hp; AC 31(37); F15 R3 W16
Melee +14:1d8+12+1d6; Archer +15:1d8+5+1d6; Area 9d6, single 9d8
Craft-armour 25, -weapon 18, knowledge-various 18
Earth Elemental: 46hp; ac22; +11: 1d8+8
Level 15, 96hp; AC 25 (32); F11 R9 W19
Archer +18:1d8+3+1d6; Area 10d6; A10/D10
Spot 25, Survival 16; Move 60'
Bear: 114hp; 2x +21:2d6+10, SR20
Level ?, ?hp; AC ?; F? R? W?
Melee +?:1d?
Skills ?
Level 11, 61hp; AC 18 (24); F5 R12 W17
Melee +13:1d4+1; Area 66+5d6; A10/D10
Diplomacy 30, Perform 28, Sense Motive 21
??? Level 11, 75hp; AC 29 (33); F8 R16 W6
Melee +20:1d6+5+SA6d6
Feint 27, escape 20, bluff 19, search 18
[] Carp Diem129--129129129129
[] The lost Son130--130130130130
[] Saved by the Bear131--131131131131
[] Flawed Festival132132-132132132132
[] Half in Control133/E-133133133133133
[] The Sting134/E-134134134134134
[] What is good?135/E-135135135135135
[] No Panda136/E-+136-136-
[] Inside outsideEfira137137137137137137
[] Pretty ButtonEfira138138138138138138
[] Weapon StitchesEfira142142142142142-
Standing StrongEfira143143143143143143
[] Wall of FireEfira144144144144144144
Planning & execution--145145145145145
[] Dragon deceived---146-146146
[] Beware the ElephantEfira147147147147147-
[] Happy!Efira148148148148148148
[] ObedianceEfira149149149149149-
[] Room with a ViewEfira150150150-150150
[] Panda CrushEfira151151151151151151
Smile of a TigerEfira-166166166=-
Lose the Keep
Nesmé Forever152152152152152152152
Hidden Trolls153153153153153153153
Outback Justice154154154154154154154
What's going on?155155155155155155155
Keep Management156156156156156156156
Putting to Rest157157157157157157157
Untimely Bloodwar-158-158158158158
Taken Seat159159159159159159159
What Changed?160=160160160160160
[] History Persists161-161161-161161
[] Absolutes162-162162162162162
[] Summoning163-163163163163163
Lichdom and Life=-=165165165165
Moonsea Unred
Melvaunt in Smog168=168168168168168
Ride to Nowhere169169169169169169169
Vaasa Pass170=170170170170170
Silent Bell171171171171171171171
Map of Deceit173173173173173173173
Food not Fight174174174174174174174
Blood Red175175175175175175175
Bell in the Deep176176176176176176176
Broken Heart177177177177177177177
The Green Fields
[] Making Friends-139139139-139139
Making Enemies-140=-140140140
Serving for Food172172172172172-172

NaN: 79
HanKo: 37
Michel: 5
Nick: 10
Michel/HanKo: 6
HanKo/NaN: 2