Games: Battletech, Denebola's Warriors, and Open-TRO

Open Technical Readout

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Fallguy's Distance Plotter

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Cannongshop's Kowloon images

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The Warriors


Deborah's Warriors, March: Plans within plans
Gienah Orbit, April: The Naming.
Gienah Northen Planes, April: First Blood
TO&E after first battle
Gienah HPG, April: Interlude
Gienah HPG, April: Gienah Automotiv research lab
Gienah orbit, April: Recovery
Temporary base, May: Necessary improvements
Zavijava mining warehouses, June: Nobody expects...
Mara Northen Isles, November: Who us?
Mara Northen Isles, December: Contact!


Another temporary base, Januari: The Real Life
Altair mining district, Februari: When two dogs fight
Same temporary base, March: It always starts small
New Earth HPG station/Pollux 'weapons market', March
New Bonn (Denebola), May 3016: switching sides
Rhyde Peninsula (Denebola), June 3016: Pincher left

New Designs


55: Rhino [new]
75: Interdictor [new]
35: Spector XX [D/rebuild]
70: Guillotine 5V [-/rebuild]
75: Black Knight BL-9-KNT [*/rebuild]
80: Thug 11V [B/rebuild]
100: King-Crab 000V & 00V [C/rebuild]
40: Cicade 3T [D/var]
55: Shadow Hawk 5E & 5V [var]
65: Jagermech AV [B/var-rebuild]
60: Champion 3V [var]
100: Jupiter JPT-3A [new]


Odysseus (Patrolboat)

Rebuild Designs

Possible rebuilds